New PTI(bridging) week

Ok, one for the PTI(basics) who have completed the above.
Having completed the PTI basic in Aug 13 I attempted to get on the Intermediate modules with no avail. I've now found out I need to do this bridging course above.

Having looked through the draft transitional programme, it's appears that I basically redo the CFT, PFA MST, MSFT?
Or do I also gain what I would have gained from doing the (intermediate) modules? I.e the ability to do different types of running, stretcher/log run and rehab type PT?

Just so I know if this is a waste of time or not.

Mods if this needs moved to ASPT my apols.

The artist.

PS Jock paramedic. Couldn't help myself.......
You need to do the transition course if you want to progress on and do the advanced course. I believe the transition course also trains you in being able to do training programmes.

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