New (proposed) TA Ad

I have an idea for a new TA ad to show the public what we actually do.

It would start with footage of the Boer War, then WW1, WW2, Malaysia, Cyprus, NI, Gulf 1, Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Sierra Leone, and Gulf 2.

The narrative would talk of TA regiments on service, famous battles that were just TA or had a huge TA part, VC's, and volunteering to make up numbers on less attractive ops (NI, Boz, etc).

It would say to the public "What do you think the TA ahve done for Britain and World Peace?"

"The TA - We don't just play at soldiers......."

What do you think? Could we get the MoD to listen to grass roots opinion?
What about:

First scene (10 seconds) Pitch up at drill hall on Friday night. There are a platoon's worth of soldiers at most. Get p!ssed, take turn on fire picket, roll out maggot in drill hall.

Second scene (5 seconds) Get in creaky old 4 tonner at the crack of dawn. Head off to the furthest away possible ranges with a journey up the most bumpy haemerrhoid-inducing track possible.

Third scene (10 seconds) Sit around for ages waiting on the red flag going up. Spend most of the time pasting patches on targets, collecting brass and cleaning weapons. Spend a fleeting moment of glory placing rounds precisely upon the centre white square of the target in a perfect group....until you realise (after a b0ll0cking) that you've been firing down your neighbour's lane!

Fourth scene (10 seconds) Eat some "range stew" before practicing battle drills, managing to crawl through every pile of cow-sh!t and nettle patch in the training area.

If there is space then the inspiring scenes of pan-diving, alcohol abuse, more pan-diving and fatigues, and endless weapon-cleaning and kit inspection before departure can be shown!

Ahh, those were the days! :D
Another Radio ad: These two soldiers have been on the piss for 12 hours can you tell which one is the TA soldier? (Listen to retching, vomit splash and slurred shouting at some swamp donkeys at a taxi rank)

Can you tell the difference?

Didn't think so....

TA Soldier, be a bezzer
Of course we need a sense of humour to actually rock up on a friday night after a hard week at work but can we be serious lads?

(me thinks - either they will treat this thread with respect or they will tear the ar5e out of it? :? )
RGSM: In all seriousness, I think that your idea is really sound, although I'm sceptical that it's fluffy enough to appeal to the MOD marketeers.

I remember seeing a US army recruitment advert on the TV (they lay it on too thick, of course, some of them are hilariously camp like the USMC ones) which harkened back to the Ardennes campaign for the 101st Airborne. It was actually quite powerful and helped illustrate the fact that you were joining something of substance and with continuity.

Maybe recruitment adverts should be devolved down to regimental level! Except for the Londons, who's adverts would be too long and too redolent of bitter civil wars by the sound of it :D

How ironic that the spams trump us on that one!



That sounds like a grate idea for an ad.
Are you going to follow through with it?

We really do need better ad’s than gimpy chefs shouting “more salt”

Current ad’s don’t really do anything to address our Toy Army image, and they also don’t do much to inform potential recruits what TA soldiers actually do.

I think we need to establish they main reason for people not wanting to join the TA (4 those who otherwise would have joined). Reasons I can think of so far would be:

1. Unpopularity of the war in Iraq

2. Unpopularity of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan

3. Freqency of mobilisation

4. Potential problems obtaining a civilian job

By one and two I'm meaning also not agreeing to terms of mobilisation (1 implying we be called up for owt, 2 meaning mobilisation being for humanitarian reasons)

Do we need an new ad to encourage people to join - should we be aiming the ads at Employers instead?

The best advert I've seen recently was a news report on East & West Ridings mobilisation training
The Irish equivalent of the TA recently changed their name to ... erm ... let me guess ... the Irish Army Reserve. Their recent TV ads have also (like the RNR one) emphasised shooting, running around and doing cool stuff rather than being a field caterer. There is a link to one of the ads (in QuickTime format) here -
I think any add should include seens of tubby co's and coy 2IC's lounging about in air conditioned offices all day and then taking endless amounts of OSD (trips to camp doha & Kuwait city) from soldiers who actually went out on the ground and worked their fecking arrses off (you know who you are).
MrPVRd said:
Why have a competition and ask the units to shoot some "home videos"?
Oh good god no - if it's anything like we used to be in the Anglians all you'll get is half an hour of shaky nob-shots (all taken on the female recruits cameras, of course :mrgreen: )

You could be right. Maybe I should get out more. Sadly though I have gone over to the dark side, so hate and rage are all that sustain me now. lol.........maybe the add should feature lightsabres, that would be so awsome!!!!!!!

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