New Proof House

For as long as there have been Proof laws in the UK, there has been little choice on where to send guns to be proofed.

As things stand you can send your firearm, component or ammunition to the London Proof house or the Birmingham Proof house. However, any firearm proofed by a member of CIP in another country is considered "proofed" for the purposes of the UK proof laws.

I could, if I wished then, just take my item to Finland, france, wherever and have it proofed there. (Am I wrong?)

So what is stopping me from joining CIP and setting up a new Proof house in the UK?

(apart from funds etc.:) )
English/UK Law. Without looking it up, I believe that the Two English Proof Houses are named in the Primary Legislation.
Without looking a pedantic bastard, would that be 'English' Law or 'UK' law. The reason I ask is that if English, there might be an avenue by going North of the Mason/ Dixie line. Only a thought whilst my mind is on golden, cask matured liquid.
That is a difficult one. Some Acts although referred to as English Law actually cover more than England & Wales. e.g. The Firearms Acts cover Scotland as well (Because firearms legislation, like defence, is a Reserved Power.) but not Northern Ireland, which is often dealt with separately. In addition, some territories (e.g. the Channel Islands) enact laws that parallel those of England & Wales but on other occasions don't bother. (The 1997 Firearms Acts being an example of the latter.)

As far as England & Wales, and Scotland are concerned (there is probably a separate but near identical Act for NI.) the Proof Laws apply to them all.
You might need to get primary legislation amended. The London Proof House was established by Royal Charter and Birmingham Proof by Private Act of Parliament and they now are effectively a duopoly enshrined in legislation, having the sole rights to approve the use of CIP proof marks in the UK.

Now they might not give a stuff about Johnny Foreigners proofing their own stuff as long as it is safe but would they smile upon another UK based proof house springing up ? Hmmm let me think........
It might be open to you to set up in one of the CIP member states, which is also part of the EU, then subsequently relocate to the UK. I'm no lawyer but I'm fairly sure that the EU laws on free movement of goods and services also enshrine the right to move your business location if you so choose.

Of course that's an even more expensive option...

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