Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Turnwise, Nov 30, 2007.

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  1. :twisted: Promotion. Not sure if this is common knowledge but there are new rules governing promotion. Unless you are serving for the full promotional year you will not be considered for the promotion board. This ruling comes into force with the A1 (WO2/1) board - results out on 7 Dec 07 and then every board therafter. Its called the Residual Service Rule and should have been briefed out in Jan 07.
  2. That makes sense you have to have a least a year of service left from the start of the promotion year. Which is an improvement on the two years it used to be.

  3. Can someone give a bit more detail on this as the John Smiths is blurring my mind. Does this mean if you got picked up in your last 20 months you dont have to extend to get a full two years in for that rank for the pension. :?
  4. You're not getting promoted.
  5. Hey Iron bloke, just keep an eye on the fire bucket, when it gets the beers in for being made up, your next :p
  6. You can get promoted as long as you have at least 12 months to serve, but you still have to do 2 years in that rank to gain the pension in that rank.
  7. Bloody hell Biccies you MUST know who I am :lol: and 24A seeing you know who I am you must realise my C3 (fcuk off and die) on my CR gives me the edge on the fire bucket.

    Cheers Dinger I thought it was the still have to serve 2 years in rank to get the pension but heard a few other rumours so just checking. I had just seen a couple of pigs flying (police helicopter) and head hell had frozen over so maybe theres a chance if I bribe MCM.
  8. There is nothing new to Residual Service Ruling. The only change for the current promotion year is a move from 2 yrs residual service to 1 yr. The initial poster has it correct, you have to be serving at the end of the promotion year to be considered by a promotion board. If selected, you will be extended to ensure you get 2 yrs in the new rank for pension purposes.