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After returning after a few days absent I have noticed that the profile page is broken. The problem appears to be a bad bit of formatting at the end of the nav tabs. Whether this is in the css or php proper, I have not checked.

The tabs appear crammed into the column left, with column left in the main, whichkind of looks like a php close div ( </div> ) or two may be missing. This could be in the header portion where the tabs portion is pulled into, the tabs portion being clipped, or the add on Infractions tab portion that gets pulled in. (Since I have been naughty, I have the Infractions include ;^p ).

If any of the related file portions have been recently edited in the last four days or so, then there is the likely culprit. Sometimes when editing new blank spaces (or returns) left at the end of a file by the editor can be the cause.


Can you post a screenshot please. I appreciate the effort you've gone to in the description, but I'm just not seeing anything other than a minor error with the border surrounding thumbnails from the gallery.

All tags seem to be closed.

Have you tried CTRL+F5?
Thanks, did you try CTRL+F5? If so and no change can you tell me what version of Firefox that is please?

Good to see no PHP there - that had me a little worried

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