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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by MartynOdonnell, Apr 12, 2007.

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  1. Hello All
    I am the son of a soldier and he has commented on the lack of accommodation facilities in Iraq and Afganistan, so i have developed a new product called the case cupboard, basically it is a case in which you can cary all your clothing and equipment in, but then can be easily converted in to a small cupboard. Mainly designed for tented accommodation.
    What i would like for you if possible is some feed back on whether you think this is a good idea, its all up and running and patented so it belongs to me. so let me know what you think.
    Thanks alot
  2. Does it fit into your bergan with all the other kit? is it man portable? can you carry it as well as your bergan and weapon as you get off the plane in the theatre of operations? is it a new bergan? is it DPM in colour? Does it have pouches? Does it conform to the shaped of you back? Will it be comfortable to wear? What happens if it is your bergan but then you need you bergan for a move, patrol etc.. but youre using it as a cupboard?
    would it be expensive?
  3. Any links or pictures?
  4. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Have you heard of the hanging-cloth clothes/shoes holders? Pack away smaller than a small thing, but when hung of something, drop down to form a shelving system. The only problem with your idea is the suggestion that soldiers going to a conflict will actually use a case as opposed to a bergen when trans-shipping.

    Now, if you could get a Bergen to transmogrify into a fully stocked bar - you'd have a lot of business . . .
  5. Is your name Heath Robinson by any chance?
  6. Perhaps you'd like to offer a few for arrsers on tour to trial.
    what is the size and weight of these things?
  7. I know an O Donnel, is he in the RE?
  8. well what it is, is that basically like a foot locker but better, the idea is used for your travelliong business man staying for one to two nights some where, but the concept has been developed because of soldiers in iraq and afganistan only have a bed and a single locer they can use the case to transport gear and then conver it in to a cupboard. its more stationary use in the accommodation and then to transport your gear to another location
  9. Those have been around for a couple of hundred years - ships' trunks which can be stood on end to form a wardrobe - often complete with hangers and drawers. Used by travelling Brits for generations. I think you can still buy them from the posher London retailers.
  10. I just pack my bergan sensibly so I can get access to all the kit I need easily. This idea sounds pretty tonk... :p
  11. so it's a trunk that flips on it's end and a few shelves drop down?

    Edit: Bugger, 4(T) beat me there.
  12. yeh posher london shops which means expense, these won't cost any more than a luggage case, or I have them made in the peli products virtually indistructable thats obviously alittle more in the price.

    any feed back is welcome and thanks to those so far
  13. its a case to transport your gear, like a suit case. but then is easily converted into a cupboard with shelves and hanging space for shirts and pants.
  14. How about you stop typing in big Blue letters - how's that for feed back?
  15. given the dimensions of shirts' and trousers, it must be fairly big to provide and great storage capacity over the conventional suitcase or 120L Inf.?