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Discussion in 'REME' started by armr617, May 8, 2009.

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  1. Has anyone got a copy of the most recent PPP that they could email to me?

    My tiff hasn't got a copy of the latest one and I would like to hand it in first thing next week.
  2. use JPA like the rest of us
  3. Now you say that, and I have one in on JPA, however according to the EME we need to do them on paper still, in the new format as 'the JPA ones dont really count for much, they still want hard copy'
  4. The JPA one is called "APP" as well. It's all POO to me.
  5. So let me see just because the Tiff aint got one the next port of call is the ARSSE forum??

    Jesus if thats the way our tradesmen think no wonder the Corps is dying on it's arse (no pun intended).

    As for JPA v Hardcopy....Soldier Wing quite happily take either but be aware that with the implemtation of SJAR your posting choices need to be completed on JPA anyway and this is linked to your SJAR.
  6. Sorry to piss on your party, but even in this great age of JPA and SJARs, they all still want a hard* copy of a PPP as well as a soft* copy of an APP. I don't make the rules, don't ask me why.

    * Hehe - I managed to get hard and soft into the same sentence..... :) :)
  7. Oh yes it does :)

    (Scroll to the bottom two pages for the PPP).

    Verticalgyro, you echo what most people are saying, is this because APPs on JPA are so dogpoo that no-one in Glasgow is even looking at them yet?
  8. I think I love you.
  9. so is there a DIN, briefing note or plan scrawled on the back of a fag packet anywhere that MCM have published telling us what they expect from us or are we just supposed to work from rumor, word of mouth and finding out the hard way?

    I only found out that you where ment to write your personal objectives for your SJAR up on JPA after one of my colleagues got bit in the ass (no mention of it on the great JPA training we all received)

    So is my JPA posting preference extant or do I need to go submit a hard copy? I mean is it too much to ask that we all work off the same system here or am I just being naive.
  10. thanks for that, the only reason for asking on here was due to it being a friday afternoon/ evening, having driven halfway round the garrison to the tiffy's platz he found he didnt have it.
    wanting to hand in on the monday am, I chose the option that turned out to be the quickest result.
    task completed in time allocated, using resources to hand, works for me
  11. Paderborn Garrison by any chance?
  12. maybe, That depends if you're the asm or tiffy!! :D