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Im a Dirty Crow bag and im about to start at my second unit...only i dont know what on earth to do?? am i to just get my leather together at the guardroom and be marched to work on my first working day or am i to ring ahead and if i am who am i supposed to ring?? i was looking at my posting order and i couldnt find a number on there to ring! some help would be appreciated by somone who has been posted more than once like myself... Cheers


Well Mate,
Nervous I bet. Like the other bloke said. If you cannot find the numbers go back to your present Admin office or your present admin Sgt and ask how I get them, some units will not know you are coming and therefore have not assigned you to a troop or company. Try and speak to the new RHQ who may have recieved your posting order and from there you may find your sub unit, tell your new Staffy or Sgt that you are coming and be there. More importantly, you will need accomodation to put your kit and then start the circuit of booking in. You will arriveat the new Guardroom, look smart and tell them name and rank and that you are reporting from so and so, fresh in. Remember to say Sir, Cpl, Sgt etc etc. First impressions go a long way. First day be on time for parade, do not be late, you are the new face, no one will cut any slack about getting lost in a new camp. Get up early, leave plenty of time to find your Units lines. In the Guardroom should be Part One Orders, on there are the Parade times, take note or ask the Guard Commander. In summary, let them now you are coming, try and admin yourself to a certain extent, think ahead, do not expect that someone will do it for you
Enjoy and best of luck
The route I usually take is via HIVE... get your HIVE to get their HIVES number (or just Google it), ring their HIVE and ask for the admin teams phone number, who should be able to give you all the info you require, or at least give you phone numbers for people that can answer those questions.
Another way to go is phone 192 on a mil phone, ask for the admin office at your next unit, phone them, introduce yourself, ask which troop/sqn you are going to and their number, phone them and if there is a decent staffy they will give you all the info you need. although most big regiments now post out welcome packs with all the good stuff you need written in there.
i'm no good with computers, so i'll carry on. if you are fairly junior an informal/formal letter to your new OC is a good start (this is usually done by seniors to the CO or Sqn OC) again ask one the JNCOs to give you a hand they should help you write it properly, as officers can't read anything that isn't in Defence Writing :).
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