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I have just found out that my fella's next posting is in corsham. I have been told by other wives that the MQ are rubbish just wondering if anyone else can give me an idea of what its like ie What the houses are like, What its near, What it aint near and so forth

Hello Sigwife hope you are doing ok. I was at 21 Sigs which is near Corsham I don't know if there are any quarters in Corsham as we were in quarters in Colerne. I think that is probably where you are likely to be but I am not sure. The quarters there are in 2 areas Northwood estate mainly for Senior NCO types and quite spacious. Southwood estate are smaller quarters but are not too bad. The size of the house is determined as to how many kids you have age, sex etc but that may have changed now.

Corsham itself is only a small town but nearby you have Chippenham which is not a bad size town with quite alot of shops and pubs. It has the usual Sainsbury's Safeway etc and quite alot of good eating out places. The city of Bath is also nearby alot of history there great night out and loads of shops it is a fantastic area to live I should know I was there 4 years. You are lucky you are going to such a nice area and not going to Shot,Catterick,Tidworth or Bulford. I kid you not you will have a great time. Just a few miles down the M4 you are in Swindon another great town for all sorts of amenities.

Well I think I have droned on enough hope this puts your mind at rest

Have great Christmas and a good move


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