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Im a Dirty Crow bag and im about to start at my second unit...only i dont know what on earth to do?? am i to just get my leather together at the guardroom and be marched to work on my first working day or am i to ring ahead and if i am who am i supposed to ring?? i was looking at my posting order and i couldnt find a number on there to ring! some help would be appreciated by somone who has been posted more than once like myself... Cheers
If you know which Company, Squadron or whatever you are going to then the Clerk is a good place to start. If you cannot get an answer - or your current Troop Sgt can't get one for you - then the guardroom is a good place to start, they will direct you to your accommodation if you arrive out of hours or will phone around to get the clerk/someone from your new subunit etc to collect you.

If all else fails, turn up at the Regimental Admin Office and you will be told where to go (in the propper sense of the phrase).
Mate best advice here is to ring the RCMO's clerk and find out which Sqn your going to and arrange your bed space with the SQMS.
If you dont and the duty bloke gets called out to sort it he'll have a bag on so ring ahead and ask him to drop a key in an envelope in the guardroom, it always made me happy that my weekend wasnt ruined.
Take the effort, do some digging around. I phone the RSM of new unit, he tells me who my CSM is, i phone him etc etc.

Dont just rock up at the guardroom on a Sunday night, you'll only piss off whos on duty when they have to fanny about and get you some digs.....and you'll be shoved in the shittest place on camp, normally the guard bunk!!

By phoning ahead, doing an RSMs letter will let the CoC know that you are a free thinker, might help towards getting your first or even second tape!

Thanks alot for your help, now i shouldnt look like a complete knobber when i start work there :)

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