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Just received the posting and now the questions start, have been posted to Germany so the question is this will i have to cover the cost of moving from the family home in Scotland to my first ever pad in Germany i have been living in single man accommodation up until now, but i think its time to employ the wife full time as the commute would kill me. So will i have to cover the cost of the move myself? What disturbance allowance will i receive no one seems to be able to give me an answer. Has anyone been through this conundrum before.
many thanks.@.@
Submit your request for removals to the UWO based in Germany. Normally you would have to pay for your fiest move into a MQ if you were in the UK, but if you are moving to Germany they will authorise removals. I went through this when I got married. You can go through your UK unit initially, but they may niot be as aware of th rules as the Germany based UWO.

Good luck with the move.
many thanks for the answer ill follow the suggested path the army never seems to have the answers when presented with a grey area. just have to get the missus to stop worrying about the move now.


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If you have already established a marital home then the cost of removals should be borne by the MoD, and you will receive Disturbance Allowance at the full rate.
if you are taking a car out to germany you will need to bfg your car means you can get the tax free you will need Continental lights the proces is long you will will need to fill out bfg forms and will recive a 45 day pass into your camp when you get to germany this should be one of the top things you do as once the 45 day period is up they can give you fuel bands etc ( in germany you can get fuel tokens for fuel at a discount rate. )
Jesus H christ do people still exist who cant use full stops or commas

I think he is referring to a Fuel Ban not a band.

You should apply at your UK unit, also apply for a ferry Hull - Roterdam.

6 weeks prior to the move apply on JPA for disturbance allowance - Not sharing with anyone despite what you may think

Arrange your removals to coincide with your SFA Take Over, accommodation BFG side should be in the first instance Welfare Flat booked through your joining units UWO, if fully booked then speak to HRG via your L&M Clk to arrange hotel.

Book in with everyone on the booking in chit as quickly as you can, ensure you update your NOK address for all family members coming with you to Germany, assists when LOA is processed on the system

As for car BFG, get a quote from Axa or Alliance as they will be cheaper more than the NAAFI. Also regarding fog lights on the rear of the car it has to be on the Left Hand Side of the rear of the car as you look at it. If fitted with twin fogs its not an issue.

If you are on FB there are several BFG Motors/Headlights sites, you may be able to source headlights and winter tyres from there, you can go down a size ie if you are running 16" you can go down to 15" rims and tyres (cheaper)
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