New postal vote scandal in Aberdeen

An investigation is under way into postal voting in the marginal Aberdeen South constituency, BBC Scotland has learned.

Deputy returning officer Crawford Langley was granted a sheriff's order on Thursday morning.

It follows his concerns at the number of people asking for postal votes when council records showed they had already been issued.

Mr Langley said he was aware of at least a dozen "abnormal" cases so far.

The new constituency of Aberdeen South consists of the old Aberdeen South constituency minus one ward, plus three wards from the old Aberdeen Central constituency.

Possibilities are that it's all perfectly innocent and just coincidence

The move is believed to have been prompted by 10 people turning up at polling stations to be told records showed they were postal voters.

They are thought to have told poll officials that while they had applied for postal votes, they had not received them.

Mr Langley said: "Possibilities are that it's all perfectly innocent and just coincidence.

"Alternatively, the votes may have gone missing.

"Or the third possibility is that people, knowing the difficulties that have arisen elsewhere, are testing how robust our systems are.

"I think by the action I have taken, we are showing that our systems are very robust."

An Aberdeen City Council spokesman said Mr Langley would be in a position later on Thursday to decide if there were any irregularities and whether the police should be called in.
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Interesting one. The Returning Officer probably had this Court application prepared in advance for such a contingency.

Mind you, there is no way the polling station staff would not know it if someone turned up to vote and had already been sent a postal ballot.

If you had applied for but not received a postal ballot and then turned up in all innocence at the polling station, it would seem to be adding insult to injury if you also had to answer searching questions from the heavies.
The problems have been resolved and no electoral fraud has been uncovered. Welldone to the electoral officer for being so switched on.

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