New Poss CMT Recruit Needs Advice

Discussion in 'Army Professionally Qualified Recruitment' started by JayOlliver, Jun 16, 2007.

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    Hello, My name is Jay and i have been looking at joining the RAMC for a quite a while now ... during chats with soldier and recruiters i have found that lots of the people that i have been speaking to have mentioned to me about joining the infantry and doing medical training there.

    firstly i looked at joining the RAMC first, and i really want to do medical training with the army. i have spoken to alot of infantry soldiers to get details of infantry medical training but i have not had the chance to speak to any CMT or similar to get their views ... firstly is there anyone i can contact to speak to them about the role ... or if anyone can fully explain the role of CMT to me would be greatful ... i have heard the role described in alot of different ways and would like to get a CMT (or similar) view on the role itself before i sign up ... the army website describes the role but is kinda vague on the fine details of the role and i want to be clear on it

    i have just done ADSC and passed that and now have to decide between Infantry and RAMC ... so looking to get more info asap ...

    thanks in advance for any contact details or descriptions of the role u can leave ... means alot

    Jay Olliver ... (new recruit)
  2. Be warned that you're unlikely to ever get a civilian recognised qualification as a CMT.

  3. unless you manage to get on the paramedic course, or ambulance tech course, or amspar (practice managers) course. Those are currently small courses with few spaces, and you'll not get on any of them straight off.
  4. Neither will you get any recognition for doing medical training in the infantry which you will have to wait to do your primary role would be infantry soldier always have you consider any of the other trades in the RAMC .
  5. did consider that ... but im a very activate person and liked the sounds of a more frontline role ... but i came to my decision last week i signed for infantry and will be joining the Princess of Wales Regiment ... i will look to do some medical training there and poss get trained as a RMA ... then see what the world can offer me after i leave ... if i decide to leave that is ...

  6. Be warned that you're unlikely to ever get a civilian recognised qualification if you join the Infantry......your better off with a CMT course...
  7. been told by both CMT and RMA that all the courses and qualifications after april were all the same ... only major difference was the actually role as to the soldiering ... RMA are more in the thick of it ... and CMT are more defensive
  8. Listen up kid at the moment the RAMC are restructuring the RMA courses to become Regimental Combat Medical Technicians. With the amount of deployments at the moment RCMT's are getting more hands on than the RAMC and they dont like it. You can get civillian recodnised courses as an RCMT if you use the Standard/Enhanced Learning Credits available to all. The RAMC have always tried to absorb the RCMT's into the Corps but we don't get our kicks erecting tent's or painting 432's.

    Dont get me wrong there are some excellent CMT's out there but there are some who rock up at various establishments that are not even capable of carrying out basic vaccinations properly as they have not had the same experiance.

    there endeth the rant!.
  9. well said!!!!
  10. Ah Boris a kindred spirit i take it?
  11. Spirit ...yes
  12. I have to agree about the deployments and day to day work but there was a time that RMA's were predominently drawn from those who could not cutting in a rifle company this thankfully has changed but also the amount of hands on a cmt gets also has. take cover
  13. That was then now a days dual qualification rules. Myself as an RCMT/RMA I am Warrior/CVRT QUAL, Sniper, 30 MIL Gunner,SF, HGV, AMB blue light, Barts+Batls, Defib, ADR, the list goes on, its no longer for the Biff that can't make it in the Inf Sect. Christ Med Cpls go to SCBC now a days. Aint many RAMC there "but JMQC is the same" Pis*h that one was heard on a train from 'Shot to London by a me and my mate. RAMC bloke blushed when he saw us laughing at him. W****r
  14. well RMA thats a step in the right direction all those qualifications but let us not forget that CMTs actually choose to be medics and nothing else perhaps some of that good fortune should be shared. you are right proudly extalting the virtues of the RMA and your regiment as we are of our corps remeber it may be a no combatant role but it doesnt make it any less deserving of praise or training.
  15. Ah your own Trg Osifer at Keogh Bks stood up in front of my RMA1 course and stated "I dont know why you are doing this course as WE will be taking over your jobs shortly"

    At this point we are still waiting for this to happen.