New pope Same cover up

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armourer, Apr 21, 2005.

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  1. I see in the express that the new pope is in the same mould as the ex pope, in that they both delayed the investigation into sexual abuse of children by priests for 6 years.

    Buisness as usual then.
  2. I'm sorry Armourer, - you expected change? :wink:
  3. Same old anti-Catholic ignorance, I'm afraid. John Paul II publically apologised in 2001 for the child abuse, and the Catholic church has thus far paid out millions of dollars in compensation.
  4. So ..... he said sorry and paid out some money. That's alright then!!!!

    What is the catholic church actively doing to identify and root out any potential kiddy fiddlers?
  5. er.....well.......ummm........nothing.
  6. Although an apology from the man at the top is always welcome and affected victims getting some financial recompence would be expected, what really should be done is getting the people who committed these crimes convicted. After all not only is the abuse of children and minors illegal, it is made worse by the fact that these priests abused their position of what ammounts to total trust.

    Nobody wants to hear that the priests involved have been moved 'sideways' and are put in positions in other countries, where they cannot abuse again. What people want to hear and see is that the catholic church has the convictions to do what's right and not sweep things under the carpet. If the threat of conviction isn't there how can anybody put their trust in a catholic priest when the church takes their surmons of 'forgivness' much too literally.
  7. That is a great debating tactic but not the case. Any new priests in the UK will be subjected to Enhanced CRB checks. Any priest attempting to kiddy fiddle in my parish will be subject to a bloody good kicking...
  8. Not just priests - in the various parishes I have been resident in over the past few years any of the laity who are getting involved in anything to do with children are getting checked out in much the same way (not sure on the exact checks done).
    Come to think of it, I had much the same sort of checks done to me 6 or 7 years ago when I was working with children for a week. Many of these cases seem to be coming to light because we are finally cleaning things out.
    Has to be said I strongly suspect that those churches/organisations that haven't had any such scandals are either not checking or are simply still covering up...
  9. We all know how good those checks are...Huntley springs to mind.

    And meanwhile the "old" kiddie fiddlers will carry on business as usual having been told they are very naughty and not to do it again :roll: by the ex pope the ex popes mates and I suspect the new pope and the new popes mates which are funnily enough all the same nothing much then.

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  10. Abuse of children is unacceptable in any society.
  11. Some valid points have been raised and action must be taken and be seen to be taken to remove this scurge on from the church in particular and society in general. Some points to note priests are not the only child abusers in society they are a way down on the pecking order however they are the most prominent because of their rank and position in society.
  12. To put things in perspective..The Church [ i.e the official body ] has formally apologized for the abhorent behaviour of certain of its members [ rightly so, though unsatisfactory to many ]..has made reparations where possible without waiting to be charged, sued or otherwaise forced to do so by legal means..and have taken steps to ensure that rigid psycho/social/procedural checks are done to weed out ' potential ' problem persons..

    Trouble with police checks is that they conly catch, if they do, those who have ' offended' previously and are on some list accessible to authorities..they will not catch someone who has done nothing to that point but may do something later... As for priests/ ministers as pedophiles, they are no more prevelent as a percentage as any other ' profession ' such as teachers, scout leaders, choir masters, football coaches ,etc. etc..just that the focus has been drawn more clearly in their direction..

    While the wrath of the pulbic is rightly directed their way.. that is not what is upsetting the majority community, it is the fact that when such ' imperfections' were drawn to the attention of those in charge they failed to 'vigorously prosecute ' or otherwise dismiss the culprits [ after proper investigation and ' proof' - or course not mere accusation ] but tried to ' bury ' the issue by moving those responsible to other duties/ jurisdictions in the belief/hope that the problem would go away..

    This will not happen again.. In The US 385 priests have been charged/ accused and sums totally up to $ 500 million have be paid out. In tracking the incidents is is evident that many of the alleged assaults took place many years ago and it was those that were the problem. more recent sex crimes by priests have been readily dealt with by placing priests is rehab/counselling the minute even a rumour surfaces let alone an accustation.. civil authorities are immediately alerted and criminal charges laid if warranted.. there is zero tolerance despite the ' optics/image ' otherwise 'seen ' by those who may hold the Catholic Church in contempt [ and, one must concede that the Anglican Church and other denominations have thier own similar ' problems ' - Note the Greek Orthodox Scandals of sex with bishops, land sales schemes and secret alliances with Israeli governments/ policticians ]...

    Sadly, though held above others as a model for truth, the Church acts like most other major international corporations and seeks, at first, to mitigate the adverse publicity, rather than deal with the issue in a more ' Christian ' ideal.. why? because those runnign the show are, like the rest of us.. only human...
  13. Erm, contrition and penitance, seems pretty consistent with Catholic doctrine to me!

    What's the CofE doing? What's Islam doing? What are the Jews doing? It's not exclusively a Catholic problem, all they can do is deal with and stamp down on the problem when it occurs.

    The Church has changed things like the format of confession - i.e. no one-to-one confessions any more, that sort of thing.
  14. The Church has changed things like the format of confession - i.e. no one-to-one confessions any more, that sort of thing.

    Not where I live they haven`t