New Pope - Party At The Vatican

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by CptDanjou, Mar 14, 2013.

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  1. I cant believe how many million still give a fcuk about this bunch of legalized gangsters , thousands standing outside the vatican waiting to see the new leader of nonce's, frightening.I think my tag line does sum this up.
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  2. Do you need an invite, or just turn up with a kerry oot, party.jpg
  3. I couldn't give a flying fuck about the latest head nonce. Having said that, I'm more than a little delighted he's an Argie.

    How nice will it be, when he comes out with some dribbling religious statement on any topic to be able to post that famous line from the Falklands?

    What was it again?

    Oh yes, I remember, "Fuck off you spick bastard."
  4. I thought Argies were Dago's

    They can fuck off either way .........
  5. A few crates of Buckfast and a game or two of "pass the chorister" should see them right......and a sing song of course:

    "Cassock up up Father Brown....cassock up Father Brown.....through the vatican you will go....eee---aye---eee---aye---eee---aye--Oh!
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  6. People are already asking where he was during the more interesting periods of Argentine history; he was pretty high up when people were 'disappearing' and said nowt. He will have rather more explaining to do than the last pontiff about matters rather closer to home than being a teenaged conscript.

    Does anyone else remember the invite in Monty Python's 'papperbok'?

    'You are requested to attend an audience with his holiness the pope. Dress will be formal, medals and honours to be worn'

    And scrawled underneath in felt tip;

    'Bring a bottle and a bird'.
  7. This Argie head nonce is bound to have comments about the Falklands being Argie. I reckon he only got in because none of the conclave that voted for him were British...
  8. ^ And, as if by Magic:

    from The Express

    "In a mass in Buenos Aires last year to mark the 30th anniversary of the 1982 invasion by Argentine forces, Jorge Mario Bergoglio – the then still cardinal – described Britain as 'usurpers' for ruling the Falkland Islands.

    He told veterans: "We come to pray for those who have fallen, sons of the country who went out to defend their mother country, to reclaim that which is theirs and was usurped from them."

    Three years earlier, Cardinal Borgoglio had told the families of Argentine soldiers killed in the conflict before they travelled to the military cemetery on the islands: "Go and kiss this land which is ours, and seem to us far away."

    Senior figures in the Falklands responded by calling the remarks unhelpful, but added that the new pope would be welcome to visit the islands to understand the views of its inhabitants.

    However, the strongly worded comments have sparked fears that the Argentine authorities, in particular President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, will use the election of the new pope for their own benefit.
    Reports[​IMG] have emerged that President Kirchner hailed the election of Jorge Bergoglio as the new pope, hinting that he should mediate in the Falklands dispute."

    I think he should F*ck Right Off!
  9. I dunno, these catlicks and war crimes. The last pope was bimbling around when Adolf was doing his thing, this one will doubtless have his behaviour in the dirty war airbrushed out of history. Anyone want to open a book as to where the next pope will be from, my money's on Zimbabwe or Rwanda. Hypocritical cunts.
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  10. Can he afford to be partisan? He's the head of the Catholic church and, IIRC, there are one or two British (and other anti-Argie) catholics about.
  11. A Rangers girl I know was amused to get a text off a Catholic today asking where he can get a Fuck The Pope t-shirt.

    She texted me back "Ha ha!"
  12. Has anyone noticed the remarkable resemblance.......etc...'Good,smashing,great.'

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