New Poll Out in US Regarding School Security

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by jumpinjarhead, Jan 3, 2013.

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  1. And the media made fun of the NRA (of which I am not a member or supporter) president's recommendation of armed security in schools. It seems a majority of Americans agree.

    And this:
  2. They should work on their charts. I'd say that was a staffwork fail.
  3. Ask the same question again in six months,would the answers be the same?
  4. Time of course will tell but if I was a betting man, I would not put a lot of money on any extreme "gun control" that will stand up to judicial scrutiny even if it is passed by Congress and signed by Him.
  5. Yep, putting firearms and ammunition in a building with hundreds of children definitely can't go wrong...

    Am I alone in thinking that it is a very sad day when an country is more willing to put armed security in schools than to undertake simple reforms in its accounting system for gun ownership? The fact that the NRA's only response to Newtown is a proposition for armed security just further reveals it is an organisation run by martians. Just imagine the reaction if the shooter was a Muslim.

    There is a reason why the right to bear arms is the Second Amendment and not the first, yet looking at legislation it is eminently clear that firearms are more exalted than the freedom of religion, speech and assembly. I really don't understand why after Virginia Tech, Aurora and Newtown firearms have remained free from serious regulation, whilst after 9/11 Congress ran over the First Amendment like a freight train. Why is every US intelligence agency able to find out within seconds if you so much as fart offensively in an airport, yet no one seems to know if a child with mental problems has access to a firearm? It defies logic that an organised and efficient intelligence sharing network is imperative for national security, but somehow a similar system for firearms infringes on liberty.

    This isn't about guns, this is about common sense. If I can go on a national watch list for aggressive googling, a gun owner should certainly go on a blacklist if they are being an idiot about proper firearm and ammunition storage.
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  6. More guns, bigger guns, and more black guns!

    so what are YOUR New Years resolutions? :salut:
  7. Doesn't mean they are right though, just means they are all gung ho f#ckers who watch too many films.

    Oh yes, i would just like to add a majority of yanks voted for Obama....need I say more?

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  8. So basically we're having a Groundhog Day of the tedious thread on the shootings from before Xmas which divided us into two camps.

    Incidentally, whilst in the supermarket in Horrorford yesterday I clocked The Sun headline story about how 'the same guns used by US fartknocker are legal here! Shock!'

    I flicked through a few pages and saw the gratuitous photos of rather un-menacing looking AR replicas which were obviously low calibre UK friendly guns, the sort I increasingly see in my local gun shops.

    It kind of made me scoff at how the British public would lap this shit up and assume that the streets are full of Michael Ryans with GPMG's.

    So, be careful what ou wish for guys, seems the backlash of our mock horror at this type of crime in a far off land can quite quickly come back and bite us in the arse, hard!!
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  9. I'd be surprised if anything made it out of Congress, let alone gun control legislation.
  10. How would you propose to "account" for the millions of firearms that are present in the US for which there are no records? Making it illegal to possess them will only deprive the law abiding. Criminals, as history shows over and over pay little attention to any gun laws.
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  11. a report of an interesting survey by a reputable polling firm after the school murders that underscores the complexity and intractability of the issues.
  12. I would hazard a guess that this majority is a bit different demographically and politically./images/smilies/icon_smile.gif

  13. Oh come on Jar mate...

    You know what I meant.

    Regardless of your honourable intentions to open a new line of debate (inspired by the discussion/thread I mentioned), you must see that it's the same arguments being made, predominantly by the same people, with the same examples and arguments as the last thread, which in my opinion dragged on at too long as a big handbag waving-fest as it was!


  14. Account is not the same as ban. The lack of accountability in the transfer of guns in the US is one of the things that make it so easy for criminals to get hold of them. Apologists make much of the fact that most guns in crime are "illegal" weapons without mentioning that many of them were "legal" until some "legal" owners sold them to criminals.

    Personally I think it's about time that the NRA developed some sort of sense of responsibility. A simple first move would be for them to require that their members stored their weapons securely and took steps to both log the transfer of weapons from owner to owner and make themselves as sure as possible that people they were passing weapons on to were fit and legal.

    A second and easy to apply rule would be for people who wanted to buy a gun had to have a couple of referees so that John-no-mates the wannabe mass murderer find it a bit more difficult to get tooled up.
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