New Political Party Fawned on ARRSE ...NOW

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by blabla100, Mar 14, 2009.

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  1. .cSnorin suggested that a political party could be formed without the normal anti this and that overtones.
    The party will in the first instance be concerned with Britain and British people.
    I suppose the first thing we should define is what is Britain or what makes us Britains.
    This is a new party so we will need help in making it happen and the legal terminology etc. I hope that the word Britian can sometimes be used without causing offence to the rest of the world.
    Please do not harp on about us being the R word or that stuff. Very boring and yawn.

    As I said before Snorin suggested this and Pigdog supported me in making the contact email which is.


    Nice try - No Cigar...
  2. Yes, Arrse will censor if pocket hit or police don't like.
    This is for Britains want to do something to help ourselves. Go home.
  3. Blabla, bla bla bla, name rather suits you, you think?

    Just to remind you , Doofus, this is a military website and at least one of us (guess who?) thinks you're a cnut.

    Bore off and join another site.
  4. Will this party have balloons and ice cream, or do we have to provide our own?
  5. I suspect he may have learnt English in the darker regions of Sierra Leone.
    Can I be El Presidente of this new political party?
  6. Full kudos to Snorin for supporting you in the creation of a webmail account, I feel with such heavyweight resources and contacts at your disposal it is only a matter of time before this as-yet un-named fledgling political party pulls in the big votes. Realistically though, it'll be a few general elections down the line before you can challenge to even be the main opposition party, but I feel the potential is there and if you can carry on the momentum and good work so far put in in the creation of a webmail account, who knows? Maybe by 2015 we'll have ousted the Tories or Labour from their comfortable chairs in the Commons.
    I'll throw my resources behind you, if you ever need a hotmail or yahoo account created, I'm your man.

    BRITAINS (sic) UNITE!!!!!!
  7. Bagsy the Treasurer job.
  8. As I said before. I hoped this will help the British who want a future without the R word. Anyone else stay on other forums or expect to be ignored. Spelling mistakes sorry.
  9. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    'Can I be El Presidente of this new political party?'


    sorry - with my avatar it had to be done... :)
  10. Well I'm the Secretary for Webmail Creation.
  11. Cool, just one thing though, no blacks, eh?
  12. And just who the fcuk are you, Doofus? Someone trash this fool's post please? It can't string a sentence together and appears to have some sort of condition. Perhaps some light humouring?.... pity to slate the afflicted eh?
  13. It's amazing how the members who're most enthusiastic about this party seem to have joined roughly about the same time and miraculously have found like-minded types amongst the also newly joined. Almost as if it was a thinly disguised attempt to make it look like a grass-roots movement.

    Can I be the corrupt sexual deviant who dies in an embarassing fetish-gone-wrong scenario?
  14. that's the phrase I was missing. Nice one, 'carrots. :lol:
  15. Sorry but you will have to be the Leader of the Secret Police.
    Mike was El Presidente.