New Police Uniforms

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Mr_Fingerz, Oct 5, 2005.

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  1. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer (c) BBC

    I especially liked the comment "It may be appropriate for a police force in some tin pot central American dictatorship, but it certainly doesn't belong on the streets of places like Colwyn Bay and Ruthin."
  2. Good!!! If it scares people into behaving then it must be good! The Police should be feared by the scroats. (No I don't mean Sting's group).
  3. FFS! How many times have they been told not to lean weapons up against the wall! Especially when the warheads have a highly unreliable graze-fuse!!!!

  4. It takes more than a new uniform to turn PC Plod into Judge Dredd.
  5. Not if the new uniform happens to be the actual Judge Dredd unifrom, that'd scare the hell out of those damn hoodlums
  6. 'Got a mate who's a West Mercia Copper, he says they're having American-style black kit issued pretty soon just like the North Wales lot. He says that it's a lot more comfortable to work in and easier to clean and, somewhat scarily, there's a nice assault vest to match!

    Good on em I say, it's about time our police force got modern kit.
  7. Fair enough that they have more practical uniform, but not sure why they can't stick with Plod Blue.
  8. If the "demands of modern policing" require coppers to dress like soldiers, then perhaps those demands should be met by soldiers. The boys formerly in blue could then go and do proper community/beat policing, where they serve the people rather than the government - not that it's their fault.

    170+ forces to 43 in 40 years, soon to be even fewer - national force, here we come. Then they will openly work for the Home Office.

    If you want folk shot/beaten/ridden down - give the job to soldiers: we're good at it. And because we're good at it, we don't have to do it too often. Which is a good thing.
  9. Nah they look MUCH nicer in black...........................................mmmmmmmmm 8)
  10. Just another fiendish part of BLIAR's plans for NEU Arbiet/National Socialsist workers party (uk branch)
    for there very own rent a thugs.
    Like another arrse post said, police for policing

  11. Agreed citizen:

  12. This is what they should be wearing!


  13. What on the blokes as well uuuummmm errrrr I dont ....Think that will go down too well.
  14. [​IMG]