New police national speed camera tracker

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by The_Happy_Hat, Jul 11, 2003.

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  1. Fook.  Why should I look at this?  I've collected 9 points since 1997 through speeding!  Worse offence, caught doing 126mph on the M6.  'Yes Sir, no Sir', and the copper did me at 96mph (100mph+, and it would have been 'good bye licence') so I kissed his boots.  When one has driven around ze German autobahns, coming home to blighty and trying to stick to 70mph is like me trying not to stare at my next door neighbours 15 year old daughter sun bathing in the back garden !!  I really think that todays modern cars with the advanced braking, power steering amd excellent safety features, 70mph is an outdated speed limit.  Sez the millions of drivers who break this limit every week.
  2. Gunny

    I got home one fine day last year to find three large envelopes on the mat.  yup 9 points in one session.  The sad part is it was the same camera, same time, same speed but on three consequetive days!  Who says the army breeds blokes driven to routine ;o)
  3. fook thats cack the least he could have done was make more than 1 offence report
  4. I take it none of you actually bothered to check on the website then?

    Click on the link and follow the instructions ;D
  5. How did the Feds get a pic of ORG as a ginger baby on thier website

    Must have been an offender from an early age ;D
  6. Eh?  What website?  
  7. Speeding is for hetro tigers.
    Anyway, if I get booked again, I'm going to give that rug wearing knobber Bruce Forsythe a good shoeing, because the bell-end kept saying that "Points make prizes!" My ARRSE you big chinned stuttering git! Points make bans! I tell thee!
  8. All ya gotta do is,...... flash them a smile, flutter ya eyelashes, then agree to meet 'em for a drink at the weekend (but don't turn up),....... nil points!

    Works for me!  ;D
  9. Thanks for that ORGy - didn't like to seem insecure and mention the link again

    When I first got the link I did have a quick bleat
  10. What really gets me is the camera in the back/front of a white van parked up - sneaky barstewards.

    And the motorway bridges - is there any need, they are making the motorways less safe by being up there as everyone slams on as soon as they are spotted. :(
  11. Bloody hell - that link got me worried! 8O
  12. it did for me till i realised i aint been to sheffield
  13. Good God, I thought I'd got off pretty lightly, only being caught 'once'...... till I clicked on the last link! :D

    Speed camera's,...... Tony Blair's way of making a fast buck!
  14. Just looked at the website. I was caught at 81mph. Even had a pick of my sister looking out of the back of the car! Technology, eh ! Great !!