Discussion in 'Poetry Corner' started by durchy, Jan 3, 2010.

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  1. OK - so a few of you didn't like that one either. Constructive criticism taken on board. This is IMHO the best one I have written and have had a lot of positive feedback from FLOW and other places so I think you'll like it a bit better than the other ones I've posted (which TBH were rushed off a bit). This one is about tabbing so all the infanteers should be able to find something to relate to.


    'Get fell in lads' he says softly, doesn't bellow,
    And three ranks are swiftly formed, fellow behind fellow,
    Bergans are weighed and kit adjusted,
    Water levels checked and platoons all mustered.
    Webbing tightened and rifles hoisted,
    Jack wagon paraded and bandages moisted.

    Over the ground the snake begins to move,
    All as one - our elders would approve.
    Columns wind their way towards the hills,
    Individual - yet united - a tempering of wills.
    On we march, relaxed still but soon steeled,
    To meet the task over which many before have keeled.

    The legs begin to burn and o'er the troops the mist soon rises,
    But in this race of death, Satan awards no second prizes.
    We all feel the ache and the first hint of blisters,
    Angered as if someone had insulted our little sisters.
    But no one jacks, none fall behind or raise a racket,
    All proud to wear the deep green jacket.

    And now it is done we return to the block,
    To shower and change and each other to mock,
    All thoughts of the weekend and beers to drink,
    We'll all have a party and from fights we won't shrink.
    Off boots are pulled and on civvie trainers are put,
    Blisters still aching, like a stye in the eye on the foot.
  2. I think tonight im going to kill myself now.
  3. nothing about a tactical advance to battle here, move on, move on. Seems to be about a CFT.
  4. Give up. Seriously. Give up. You can't do poetry. Get a few decent poetry book and read the poems and you'll see why.

    A poem should paint a picture in my mind. All I see with yours is:

  5. "Blisters still aching, like a stye in the eye on the foot. "

    That's my favourite line, Durchy! :D
  6. He does, a nice scenic ride in the jack wagon. Apart from that it's a bag of shite.

    Maybe you have another untapped talent, I'm willing to bet if you threw yourself in a river, you could probably hold your breath for 10 minutes. Why not give it a whirl?
  7. How disappointing not one mention of a Bin-fanteer :cry:
  8. My poem about Tabs:

    Oh Embassy Number One
    Where have you gone?
    Ho ho ho Green Giant.


    By Dale aged 3

    (Oh, and I've copyrighted it as well, so don't go nicking it)
  9. That's about as gay as this

  10. Volunteer and CAARPS - that you for your comments. But, hmmm, how did I know that some of the rest of you would have a go? Well, you asked for it throbbers:

    Scarletto the throbber has nothing nice to say,
    His posts on all topics just get in the way,
    He once was a cavalryman - for which read 'a mouse',
    And now he lures children inside of his house.

    Jarrod's from a unit of which I've never heard,
    But if he's from Yorkshire he's hung like a bird.
    He has five medals and his badge says 'Arrse Journo',
    And he spends all his holidays with the poofs in Salerno.

    Buttonsin3s is a bit of a card,
    A woodentop Guardsman with a red coat and lard,
    He lives in Lanarkshire and served in N.I,
    Where a local Derry rent-boy dumped his load in his eye.

    Legs is a clerk with the glorious AGC,
    Where even the fellas sit down for a wee,
    On tour she licks ice-creams and makes brews for shineys,
    While back in the UK she w@nks off old wine-ys.

    Spaz has a group with a medal of gold,
    For what I don't know, I haven't been told.
    But I willing to bet that it wasn't for bravery,
    More likely a lesbo, indulging in ravery.

    The_Snail writes poems that don't even rhyme,
    On the back of a DAF he can't even climb,
    For he spends all his life posting some sh1te,
    And polishing his nipples from deep pink to white.

    Bomb_Mac's picture is old and unpleasant,
    He's as much of a bomb god as I am a pheasant.
    His Mum said 'go Driver' but still he went ATO,
    You'd wring much more sense from an RLC potato.
  11. Bomb relates to rank..... go figure it out and come back with another.
  12. Durchy, that is pure poetic genius. I can see you've taken the time and effort to ensure that your research is 100% correct as well.

    Congratulations, Trigger.
  13. Durchy, I love it - I'll take 12!

  14. But probably true

  15. Civvie fcuking trainers? Proper tabbers wore dessie boots!