New piece of mess silver

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Two_Cookers, Apr 5, 2013.

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  1. Afternoon all,

    a sign of the times that I have the unenviable task of commissioning a final piece of silver that we shall bequeath to the unit that we are to join some the future etc etc

    Wondered if anyone could recommend a decent silversmith that isn't going the charge an arm and a leg? My intention is to give the receiving unit a real problem in terms of the size of the thing and making sure we're always remembered!!!

    Yours in anticipation,

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  2. Thanks BS!!
  3. img-thing.jpg
    As centrepieces go, it certainly fits the criteria that you'll always be remembered.
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  4. Peter Hicks Ltd

    Chap who now owns it is 'ex-mob' and an old chum of mine. Highly recommended!
  5. Given the rapidly-reducing nominal roll, perhaps a nice little silver-plated light switch might be appropriate? A small plaque could be affixed, with the inscription "Utinam ultimum relinquere placere eveni lucem."
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  6. Peter Hicks did one for our lot. Solid silver MAN vehicle. It cost a ******* lot but being a Gurkha Regt i think money and most likely knowing them, silver jewelery was produced from "somewhere" to make it! Very good detail
  7. Really? :? I assume you mean a scale model of a MAN vehicle but I'd be interested in seeing a picture of it just the same.
  8. yes, it was a EPLS. I arranged for MAN to supply the measurements and i think they sent some drawings over as well. This is it......
    MAN EPLS Vehicle
  9. Quite clever. I expect it makes quite a centerpiece on the old Mess table.
  10. Go one better and have it remote-controlled.
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  11. Bet you saw that on a t shirt... IX

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  12. When it was last near my grubby hands i tried to off load the rack with the scimitar on the back....its not that realistic i found out. With no one about i made a sharp exit!
  13. Once upon a very long time ago. Machen Wir.
  14. Thanks for the suggestions all!