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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Headrush, May 14, 2004.

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  1. I have just received these photos showing "torture" from two unnamed sources.
    Take a look for yourself: (click to enlarge)
    As can be seen from these photos, the bag used cannot be seen through and there is a watch clearly showing on the arm holding a SuperSoaker 3000 (which is standard army issue). This also has scratches showing it has been used well. The victim is also in a foetal position. All in all these new photos cannot be called fake.

    Seriously though, these photos were taken as a joke, but its not really a joking matter. Our boys in Iraq are in more danger as has already been seen. I cannot see how the Mirror can come out of this with any face left, and heads should roll. Especially that of Piers Morgan.
  2. LOL :lol:

    Don't you think u need to get your copyright notices on those piccies PDQ Headrush?

    Where is Eagle when you need him. I have an idea for a photo-montage, but I don't have your skills Maestro
  3. Just heard Piers Morgan has resigned. At least something good has come out of this ordeal.
  5. Headrush, you obviously have far too much time on your hands!

    They did make me chuckle though, nice one! God bless the inventer of the digital camera!