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Discussion in 'ArmyNet Announcements' started by Ed_Straker, Oct 3, 2008.

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  1. The photos on the ArmyNET login page are starting to look a bit tired, Ghurkas in Kosovo, Fusiliers on Telic 1 etc.

    Any chance of a refresh?
  2. Hmmm, you'll be lucky to get a reply, the ArmyNet gurus seem to have left the planet. I don't know why we have an ArmyNet forum on ARRSE any more , the last reply from anyone to do with ArmyNet was mid July!

    Now I need to be proved wrong.
  3. We shall see.

    Safe to say there will be no chance of a reply on a Friday afternoon!
  4. Could be something to do with the under-resourced rollout of the 'new-look' Army website. All hands on deck and all that.
  5. Have you suggested this on ArmyNet?

    I think it's more of a one-way initiative. ArmyNet uses this forum to bring us up to date with new developments and, in the process, raises awareness of the official version of ARRSE.

    Other than that, the forum is also used to air general frustrations.

    If you had a problem with the ARRSE set up, would you go onto ArmyNet and ask "Is there an ARRSE Admin here?" No? I thought not.

  6. Jesus Christ, some people, calm down and stop getting your puttees in a twist! :roll:
  7. If a problem were to arise in ARRSE, it could be dealt with here quite easily. Armynet is a virtual ghost town.
  8. We are on the verge of launching single sign on between AN and SharePoint so a refreshed login screen is on the cards.

    I'm not on here as much as I was because its harder to search for new posts containing the word "ArmyNET" as the google search just gives me the ranked results (unless i'm missing something)
  9. If you post it they will come.

    Thank you Andy.
  10. Quick update on this - we are still working through a couple of tech issues. New log in process to be launched in Mar.
  11. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Yup you are, and it had me for a while as well!

    You need to look down to " More Search Options" and then click on:

    "Forum search by username, or by keywords in a specific forum / category (within approx. the last 12 months)."

    You'll find the old style search engine there.