New phone parking scheme launched

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Mad_Moriarty, Oct 1, 2006.

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  1. If they are delayed returning to car they can top up their parking fee without the need to return to the vehicle.

    " Sounds great, but what if your text dose not reach its destination like thousands do every week!"

    Link here
  2. I cannot believe it has taken the UK so long to catch on: I have been doing this in Zagreb for the last 4 years. Even Budapest started last year.

    Personal experience with the two above schemes has been extremely positive. No more trying to find any spare Kuna or Forints under the seats, just a simple text message (car license plate to a 4 digit number and how much time wanted): these two systems also send you a reminder 10 minutes before your time is up so you can either return to your car or top-up via another text message.
  3. Salisbury have been doing this for over a year
  4. Salisbury have been doing this for over a year
  5. Lets hope Capita are not responsible for its running, what a monumental fcuk up they made of the C-Charge admin in its early stages.
  6. No, its a company called Verrus, in conjuction with NCP and Vertex, who have been doing very well out of it. The Parking Attendants, and other staff, received their training on it this week.

    It promises to be a very efficient way of ensuring that folks do not dodge paying parking fees. As the Parking Attendants handheld terminals will be able to check EVERY vehicle that has paid for parking by Mobile/Text and has overstayed. IIRC the terminals are Blackberry derivatives, operating over 3G/GPRS, in this case.

    It's hoped that the trial is successful as WCC want to get rid of the vast majority of meters. The meters cost WCC millions each year in maintenance and replacement.

    Especially replacement costs as organised crime gangs have been targetting the meters, as they contain about £2000 when full. A variety of methods of ripping the meters off have been recorded including pulling them out of the pavement with a Transit van and pulling it away to "workmen" surrounding them with cones and basically breaking in to them in plain view. 8O

    It's just a 3 month trial for now. I work for Vertex, on the Westminster contract, and I am rubbing my hands in anticipation for when the system crashes for the first time. Should be VERY interesting. :lol:
  7. They do it in York too, i used it, handy if your late, got no change etc. Setting it up was a pain mind!! But suppose once thats done no hassle
  8. Who incidently supply all the C-Charge enforcement officers on behalf of TFL! Ohh and the parking attendants for Westminster, Camden, Islington etc.