Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by cheese, Jul 22, 2010.

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  1. I heard there wa s new replacement to the PFT? Are there any truths in these rumours?
  2. I have not seen any details of it, but heard it was to include the usual run/sit-ups/press-ups plus a static weight lift (to the height of a 4 tonne tailgate) and a dead weight carry over x distance.
  3. The static weight life (ie: 4 tonne tailgate lift & dead weight, firemans lift over 100 m) is nothing new as it was part of the CFT back in ITC Catterick using the playing field next to the back gate area many years ago but i'm unaware if this still goes on? to add this additional part of the PFT for all personnel would be interesting to say the least,

    However after trawling through Armynet there is nothing new apart from the usual moaning from personnel struggling to pass, I do agree that a revised improved PFT would be refreshing, even the bleep test is basic bog standard but not all units use this system.
  4. why use a bleep test over a best effort run?
  5. plus can anyone inform me if the ACFT is the run with 20Kg in 15 mins... are there additional RMTs thrown into this?

  6. Is that classified or could you post it here without someone chopping your bits off? It's a long time since I was in, and I'd be fascinated to see how close I could still come to passing anything vaguely physically demanding. Have a sneaking suspicion I know the answer but ...
  7. I love to hear the moans and groans of ppl trying to pass the PFA and AFT, however they have all gone to the 4 winds on our mannor, with the introduction on the New Operational Fitness Tests, they make the PFA and CFT/AFT looking like a walk in the Park!!

    It is defo showing the true level of fitness and determination of our troops in our neck of the worlds :)

    "Coming Soon to a Trg Area Near You!"
  8. I don't think the OFT is mandatory to pass though.
  9. I am not sure on the ruling stacker1, but the tests are mandatory for our Unit that will deploy next year, so I think the name is on the tin Operational, not to get mixed up with the normal mandatory PFA & CFT tests.

    The blokes are passing the tests without any problems, but that is because of the quality QMSI and PTI's that are conducting effective build up training, rather than put a load of weight on Day One and run until people break!

    Since the new training programme (Science Based) we have had the lowest injuries for years, but the guys are carrying heavier weight with longer distances.

    "Method in the Madness there"
  10. I think that we should have a yearly maths and English test, increasing in difficulty for each ram. Officers should be required to produce a service paper.
  11. Should have proper Maths and English entry tests based on trade when in basic perhaps.
  12. Dingerr why you picking on Rams? Poor creatures, maybe a bit of England training required there :)
  13. All soldiers are required to reach a set level for promotion. Therfore it regular testing to ensure personnel are maintaining the appropriate level.