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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by littlenickoutthere, May 31, 2009.

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  1. pti has informed us of a new pft coming in. Anyone know of this?
  2. Have heard about this from my SI!! I am pissed off I can tell you!! As I look forward to my 50th Birthday and the fact I would no loger need to attempt PT we are informed that the new one takes in all ages!!! B/stards!!!!
  3. anyone got an idea of what it actually involves?
  4. The over-50s have had to undertake the BPFA and the bleep test for as long as I've been over 50! You just get more time..., but not enough to turn it into a nice, brisk walk!

  5. According to my Q man from the PTI corps there is going to be a new database for a PFT, the test itself won't change.
  6. They should go back to the old one. 20 minute run whilst still shit-faced from the night before and 15 minutes to smoke a packet of Bennies at the end.

    We used to do have to do it in f*cking boots as well. It was a right b&stard.
  7. it will become an assessment not a test.
  8. msr

    msr LE

    From the MATTS documentation policy statement

    15. Personnel Aged 50 - 65
    a. PFT. Participation in the PFT programme is voluntary for those aged 50-65.
    Participation is seen as a reflection of leadership and a personal commitment to a culture of physical fitness.
    b. CFT & CFT (TA). Individuals aged between 50-65 are exempt and should only attempt the CFT for Operational reasons. Such attempts must follow the completion of an appropriate and progressive programme of PT.
  9. I preferred your old avatar MSR! :D
  10. That's going to be a pain in the arrse. The standard MATT2 database works off access (not linked to an online system), and unless the Unit keeps hard copies (how many actually do?), then migrating the data to the new system is going to be time consuming as hell. Or maybe they'll give everyone a free pass for the 6 months?

  11. I've heard it will go back to being a Squadded mile and an half followed by best individual effort mile and half again. All to be done in boots. Apparently the PFT is not a true representation of fitness required on operations.
  12. No sh1t sherlock! (aimed at the MOD, not you bowside :) ). FFS, I hope so. Us old and bold have long recognised that whilst we need to look after our delicate little tootsies, training must be a) relevant b) representitive to the task in hand. If you fight in boots, you need to train in them more than you do trainers. By all means improve cardio levels using trainers on SOME runs/ in the gym but to test if you can make an advance to contact in light order without arriving breathing through your ars€ requires the wearing of boots. IMO they should drop the BFT/ PFT and replace it with a march and shoot for all arms. Kills two birds with one stone 8) Discuss...
  13. pft? Sounds like a dry and almost silent fart.
  14. That's a cracking idea Oldcolt. what about not knowing the route and you could get your tick in the box for map reading aswell. if this is done right we could get all the MATT's done in a day!
  15. I like, I about in an NBC/ CBRN suit healing casualties en-route? :D But,don't spread this idea around too much, we could earn a fortune as consultants to the MOD!!! :wink: