New PFA/BPFA/PFT or whatever its called this week!

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Praetorian, Jun 20, 2009.

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  1. Any info on this? Apparently its changed, and the new sketch is that you need to pass the new PFA in order to be allowed to attempt the 8 mile CFT for your Bounty every year. I havn't seen anything in black and white, but apparently its the case!

    1) Does anyone have any information on it?

    2) Whats the score with the female/male split for times on the run/press/sits. Won't the duty fatties get their moan on to the European courts about how women can get their bounty easier by running slower etc etc.

    Usually, I take this as rumour control, but I know of several units that have begun to implement it!

    Any ideas?
  2. Not seen mate. Since I came out of town, I've lost all my links and stuff.

    Can I ask that in responce to Pret's post, people only post facts with references, rather than the "my mate's boyfriend is a PTI at 167 Pie Eating Regt and he says we have to do 12 miles underwater with a 62.5 KG Waterbottle pouch and 3 GPMGs each".

  3. this is usually a local ruling. many TA units have done this before but it's never been official.

    as for point 2, it doesn't quite work like that. females have to do a slower time for instance. so if a male runs it in 2 seconds over the time, but a female runs it 2 seconds inside the female time, the male is in fact fitter than the female, yet on paper it suggests the female is fitter, as she passed and he didn't. if women and men are to be doing the same job on Ops, why should one be considered a biff, the other fit... when the biff is fitter than than the 'fit' one?? it's not like you can say 'hang on taliban... do you mind not firing for a minute, we've got a woman and the book says she's entitled to an extra minute to run away'
  4. I think that you will find that following recent direction by Theatre Troops TA are now on MATT level three for their annual bounty, translating to passing 2 x PFT per year to qualify with no mention of a CFT
  5. On one Breath?
  6. One breath? One breath? What do you think this is, the WI? Stop breathing now!
  7. I definitely don't have a copy of the new physical fitness policy for the TA, it isn't dated 20 May 2009, and it definitely isn't due to be effective as of 31 August 2009. If I did have this, I have no idea where it came from so don't ask, but I don't so it's not an issue. Besides if I did, it would definitely say DRAFT on it, and would therefore be likely to change.
    If I did have a copy it would outline the MATT requirements stating they must be passed each year. There are three levels for this. Amusingly called Level 1,2 & 3.
    Level 1 is those warned for deployment and on HRR engagements. Test are:
    1. Annual Fitness Test (AFT) - a timed loaded march of 8 miles, passed annually
    2. Personal Fitness Assessment (PFA) - passed at satisfactory (green) level twice a year.
    (Yes you did read the abbreviations right)
    Level 2 Deployable personnel not warned for deployment (most of the TA)
    1. Loaded March - timed loaded march of 6 miles, passed annually
    2. PFA - satisfactory pass, one a year.
    Personnel over 50 do not do the LM, but do an extra PFA.
    Level 3 for personnel in non-depoyable posts.
    1. PFA - 2 per year - no age exemption.

    PFA, has reverted to the old assessment style, red, amber green BPFA style, I haven't seen the figures laid out on a table, so don't know what is required to pass. The PFA is not a bounty requirement.

    If I did have a copy of this doc, it would say that TA training standards are categorised as FFA (Fit for Appointment), FFM (Fit for Mobilisation) and FFD (Fit for Deployment), it would also outline competence levels required to fulfill these, which I can't be arsed to retype.
    In order to be FFA, TA Officers and Soldiers must be MATT2 Level 2, unless you are in a level 3 appointment (???), then you may revert to level 3 once you have attained level 2 as an initial requirement.
    To be FFM/FFD, TA officers and soldiers must be MATT 2 Level1. Weights for AFT & LM area as per CEG (see MATT 2 publication)

    But I haven't got this document, so I can't tell you this, right?
  8. Seeing as you do not have a copy, please do not send me a copy of the document, but you havent got a copy, so you cant send one, to my house by the river, thats if there was a river, but you werent there so you wouldnt know.
  9. what copy? There is no copy.....
  10. This is not the document you are looking for.

    He can go about his business.

    (wave of hand in the time honoured manner)