Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by one-flew-over, Jul 27, 2007.

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  1. Already done PTP.

  2. Done. Disgraceful that people have to lobby like this for what is so obviously an obligation for the government who sent these forces into harms way in the first place.

    I think this is the biggest political scandal soon to emerge.

    Doesnt help the poor buggers suffering, but there you go.
  3. I have signed both and completely applaud the requirements and sentiments behind them.

    Does anyone know whether these have an effect? Does GB go into the Cabinet with a 'these are the petitions that are top of the peoples' list, get it done!'? I hope this is the case, but I doubt it. Are they more a vehicle for people to feel that they have 'acted' but that the Gov can ultimately ignore.?
  4. Just to make you aware an email went around JHQ with this petition on, and this was the reply sent to all users.


    To all recipients of the original email -

    Anyone signing the petition must recognise the futility of their demand. The Defence Medical Services is not big enough to run or manage a hospital dedicated solely to uniformed personnel, with less than 200,000 personnel the demand for hospital care is insufficient to generate the workload required to make a hospital work that has the range of specialities that the armed forces require. It is inevitable that the MoD and the Department of Health will need to work together to provide the necessary hospital support for our injured or sick service personnel and that the best solution is for a combined military/civilian hospital facility that has the workload that justifies the full range of specialist services that will meet the needs of our injured and sick service personnel.

    There has been considerable progress in improving interfaces between all the various agencies required to meet the physical, psychological and social needs of injured service personnel at the Royal Centre for Defence Medicine in Selly Oak Hospital in Birmingham. This will continue to improve as a dedicated military ward becomes established (for those in-patients who do not need care in other specialist areas in the hospital) and as we improve the follow-up care of service personnel once they have been discharged from in-patient care.

    The issues are:

    Ensuring injured members of the armed forces (serving and veterans) can receive a level of priority that reflects their contribution to the nation (as evidenced by their injury) and therefore receive preferential treatment compared to other patient demands. This needs to be a balance between MoD funding and DoH funding, and MoD and DoH delivery.

    Improving the interfaces between patients, civilian medical services, uniformed medical services, parent units and service welfare agencies.

    Ensuring the armed forces can recruit, train and retain sufficient health services personnel to meet the current tempo of operational deployments.

    I can assure you that these issues are being addressed at the highest level in the MOD.

    Chief Medical Adviser
    Headquarters Allied Rapid Reaction Corps
    BFPO 40
  5. Done! However with Broon in charge I'm not particularly hopeful... although miracles sometimes happen! :)
  6. Can a MOD remove the name and address of a serving officer please!

    Thanks DTC - I was asked to pass it on so I did - thanks for the info but this message has not stopped it going on a wider push.

  7. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    I also got sent a link & posted it in various forums last Saturday.
  8. I would have thought, correct me if I'm wrong here, but a mil hospital located at say, Brize Norton and manned by medics from all three services would work?

    After all, people come and go from there all the time.

    What do you think?
  9. How about a place called Wroughton? Close to Swindon, still one of the fastest growing towns in Europe. 19,000 units going in on the North side of town and between Lyneham and Brize airheads? Plenty of demand for spare capacity in the quiet moments. In fact, the new hospital in Swindon has fewer beds than the old, and the local community hospitals are all being closed, so the demand for beds in a mil hospital would be very high.

    Oh, I forgot there was a hospital there before but it was closed in the 1990s, by the Tories and supported by the Chiefs of Staff.

    Anyone who says there is no requirement for a military hospital is living on another planet.

  10. Couldn't agree more with you.
    there are loads of big houses being built there at present. Shame really.
    Bet there wouldn't be a w4nker in a mil hospital asking you to take your wombats off in case you offend anyone.
    That made me sooooooo mad when I read it.
  11. Signed ... although why squaddies cant just shoot abusive (muslim?) civi's who hector them in their nhs hospital rooms/wards I dont know. Call it a terrorist attack and the paperworks sorted.
  12. It is a disgrace that this country does NOT have military hospitals.

    This disgrace is compounded when regarding the state of the NHS hospitals and their propensity to distribute, without fear or favour, a selection of life threatening bugs! I can quote examples.

    Look big and send 'your' troops abroad Bliar you rat brained sh*t, and then ensure your repellent 'book-keeper' does not fund them adequately.

    I loathe, detest and hate the shi*es calling themsleves NeuBliarbour or whatever their ludicrous name is.