new person

Welcome but I am sure Flash hasn"t explained things clearly to you or you have overlooked the necessity of providing your nude photograph. You can correct this with the edit feature.


Welcome, gal. Take a few minutes (hours?) to browse around the site before leaping in - it might save you from getting caught up in the milling that goes on around here!

But most of all, maintain a sense of humour!
just-a-gal said:
i was told to post a introduction here by flASH well hi am 25 f from leeds
Okay now that your in the NAAFI your fair game (you poor critter).

They will have you nakkid and buttfcuked by Saturday night.

My advice to you would be:

1. Do NOT bend over, anal is the initiation
2. Do NOT accept ANY drinks they will contain Rohypnol
3. Do NOT let fingers touch your mouth, (I've read the posts and know where the fingers have been)
4. DO NOT believe anything MDN, Flashy or anyone that starts a sentence with hello cnuts says, EVER.
5. DO NOT believe ALL the ARRSE maidens post nakkid pics, I refer you to 4
6. DO NOT allow them to know you are offended EVER, its like waving a red flag at a bull.
7. Always say you swallow
8. Admit to having fantasies about 3 way lesbian sex with an audience of at least 20 masterbating Squaddies.
9. Never admit to having NO Mil acronyms knowledge, just agree to everything
10. Never EVER admit they made you cry (I refer to number 4)

But most of all enjoy!

P.S I'm nice :D ALL the time and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Any of the other ARRSER's anything to add?
Ignore mereminx, she is a known troll.

What you now need to do is post a naked picture of yourself in the Gallery, preferably one involving a Spaniel, a box of spark plugs and a vat of triple strength Ano'lube. Trust me, we've all done it.


Kit Reviewer
mereminx said:

Any of the other ARRSER's anything to add?
Yes, I never start a sentence with 'Hello cnuts' and can vouch for the fact that Mereminx's advice #5 is total arrse.

All the dorii do it and to refuse would set you up as a target for ridicule and abuse.
The Lord Flasheart said:
Ignore mereminx, she is a known troll. .

FLASH!!! How could you???

A TROLL, of ALL things a TROLL!

You lumped me into the yannie/lawstudent/codename/toshiba/ (list is endless) category.


*leaves board mumbling* TROLL A FCUKING TROLL

:evil: editing MOD edit....LMAO...
Dunno minxy, if i might call you that. Did you post your nude picturewhen you joined as the rest of us did? If so do you have a qick link to it?
BronzeWhaler said:
Dunno minxy, if i might call you that. Did you post your nude picturewhen you joined as the rest of us did? If so do you have a qick link to it?
Of course you may BronzeWhaler everyone else does.

No Bronze I didn't, should I have done do you think?
BronzeWhaler said:
Of course. It appears that you and just-a-gal seem to be the only ones that haven't.

Ach well as long as I get to see everyone else's first then will post my own....

As there are over 10,000 members it could take some time to view all the nakkid pics, dont hold your breath on me posting mine anytime soon :D
Frilly, are you Barking or what?
You have gone off on others several times. We have exchanged "notes" too. Then I hoped I was wrong. However I ask as :-
Are you married or Divorced, as you have made BOTH claims in the last month
Which Mod are you realted to, as you claimed?
You claim others are Trolls

(yeah I stalk you and I am a well known Codename double!)

so I call YOU out for what you seem to be on the Balance of the Evidence
Well Indy I've seen some non sequetars in my time but I think yours has taken tonights biscuit.
Why would it be a suitable candidate for being thrown out the window? Why the orhtology? Why descend into phillology at all? I am far more interested in encouraging naked birds to post their pix.

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