New pension scheme details announced

Discussion in 'Armed Forces Pension Scheme' started by agoodgrouping, Jul 31, 2012.

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  1. All I want to know is if they will tax the lump sum. Later pension etc - meh. But the lump sum is a cornerstone of the BedIn life plan.
  2. Yeah, great isn't it.
    I left after 25 years, took the un-commutated tax-free lump sum & am currently in receipt of a monthly pension which was due to increase at age 55 (with index linked increases). I'm now 50 years old.

    Are our government now saying that the increase will be cancelled until I'm 60?

    Or that my pension will be stopped from 2015 until I'm 60??

    That would be nice to know wouldn't it??

  3. You're unaffected as you are already within 10yrs of your pension's pension age of 55. What you expected to happen will happen. One of the few details already agreed by the Government.
  4. But will they have 40% of my lump sum and commutation?

    (I'm a serving 40 yr old officer on the 75 pension scheme.)
  5. Jemster,

    No. HatTwat will be unaffected because he is already in reciept of his pension.

    Full answers are on one of the 3 other 2015 pension threads!
  6. I should have stopped after "You're unaffected", and not tried to be too clever with a full explanation.