Here I am Getting ready to leave in 18 months time. The Question is, "Do I join this new pension scheme or stick with the current plan?" I have heard "rumours" that a lump sum of £200K+ has been mentioned with the new plan. This would appeal to alot of us but is there any truth in it. Can anyone shred any light on this matter for me and the rest of the unknown!!
There is absolutely no question that anyone with such a short time to go should even consider switching. In fact I don't think you'll have the option for a while yet. As someone said in another thread - these goons are not about to offer you any more cash, if anything they're out to save it. However, don't take my word for it - speak to an AGC rep for the facts. You'll find I'm right. Good luck.
don't do it mate, the mod / president blair are after one thing, savings, there is a catch somewhere which is yet to be revealed. i have heard the old one is expensive as soldiers are living longer, anything new in the army to do with money must be treated as suspect, they need all our money to treat the refugees nicely!!!!!

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