New Pension and Re-joiners

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by wedge35, Aug 2, 2005.

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  1. I wonder if anyone can help me out on this one. If someone originally joined up long before the new pension scheme was introduced and is now going to re-enlist in the army, will they have the right (in common with people from their era who have stayed in) to remain on the old scheme? Thanks in advance!
  2. Original service on old scheme and if you rejoined after 6 Apr 05 new service under new scheme.
  3. Cheers, Paymaster.

    In that case, if they're forcing anyone who re-joins to take the new pension, are they going to allow them to start their 22 years from scratch? Surely if you re-enlist on your original open engagement the old terms and conditions should apply?
  4. From 5 April this year, all joiners, including rejoiners whose break in service has been more than a month go onto the new scheme.

    There is the option to combine the reckonable service from the last period of service from the 75 scheme with the new service in the 05 scheme.

    As far as your final point is corcenred, although your T&Cs may be the same, the rules of the pension scheme have changed and that, i'm afraid, is that. There isn't much you can do about it.
  5. So just to be clear, if you rejoin and are forced onto the new scheme, can you convert your old service directly into the new scheme?

    For instance, if you have done 12 years previously on the old scheme, then rejoin, and say do another 6 years bring your total up to 18 years, does that mean you will get an EDP payment should you leave at that point?
  6. Spot on mate. Just got it confirmed last week I am in exactly the same boat - 12 years on old scheme re-enlisted onto new.

    In order to be entitled to an immediate payout at 18 year point you have to transfer your 12 years preserved on old scheme into the new.

    The alternative is to have 2 preserved pensions there is no other way to an immediate payout at 18-22 year point.