New Peak for No1 hat

Discussion in 'Officers' started by squiddlydiddly, Oct 21, 2010.

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  1. I need to get the peak on my hat changed for one with some gold on it. Goldings will relieve me of £145 to do this. Does anyone have either:
    A peak I could purchase
    A cheaper alternative


    Many thanks for your advice!
  2. Try Herbert Johnston at their workshop near Cambridge; very helpful and far more reasonable than yer tightwad at Goldings.
  3. Urghhhhhhh!

    Peaked Hats are for REMF's!!!
  4. I just got one from the YO's shop at Larkhill - I've no idea whether the different Arms and Services have the same hats - there were others available from there. I paid £20 for a hat with gold peak and was stunned that they had one in my size (large...) as they never have done in my previous years of service - I was lucky that a similarly sized bloke left the Army after 30 odd years!
  5. For REMFs they may be but there are lots of things you can't do without REMFs including have your appendix out, get a rail card, and get your scoff at the cookhouse. Troll off sweet cheeks.
  6. Oooooooh!......That was a definate bite!!!!

    Two sausages please, pastry face!
  7. Put your pink hat back on, turn around smartly step off. I feel you may never need a new peak, chipster.
  8. That's not very nice squiddlydiddly!

    I only wanted some more sausages on my plate!

    Now be a nice Pastry Faced REMF & get the Kettle on! & I don't mind if you wear your Peaked HAT!
  9. One ******* sausage only. Oh and one fire mission all available per call sign.