New PD 002 - SSgt/WO2 in trade

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Disco, Mar 3, 2008.

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  1. At last the SSgt/WO2 in trade has been ratified. Check out the SOinC page PD 002.

    Key points;

    You must declare your intent to be SSgt/WO2 in trade before your 16th year.

    To protect the Supervisory and RD route SSgt/WO2 in trade will be eligable for LOW BAND pay only and have a promotion cap of WO2.

    Good news and well implemented. It will be of use for some and certain appointments while ensuring it does not undermine the hard work done by those on the Supvr and RD roster.

    No doubt those already in SSgt/WO2 in trade will complain, enjoy the pay cut :wink:
  2. Surely a WO2 in trade deserves more, if not equal pay to a SSM? What does the SSM do to deserve high band pay? Why does a SSM rate the same as FofS, YofS, FofS (IS) or YofS (EW)?

  3. I understand why capped at Low band - hamstrung by the inflexibility of Pay 2000 ... bless it.

    In trade until WO2 - something I banged on about during my service. Only 5 or so years too late for me.
  4. What you need is system to plug a few gaps not a system that encourages not to be competative on the RD roster or bail out of Supvr selection.

    I would say these slots are less about hands on but more about asset HR managment with a dash of experience and knowledge.

    To be honest I was suprised they put in the low band caveat however it used to annoy me that Tech and Inst Tech SSgt would be in trade roles but suffer low band while a SSgt IS would cover a Supvr slot and be given high band, where was the parity in that?

    As it says in the PD this will provide a route for those NOT competative enough for the RD roster and those who did not take the Supvr route.
  5. So is the next step remaining in trade with a commission??
  6. Yes, even though the promotion ceiling is WO2 it does not stop you from applying for comission.
  7. There were 2 WO2's comissioned off the LECB last year.
  8. IS Ski Geek

    IS Ski Geek War Hero Moderator

    Does this mean we are going to stop SSgt in trade going on the FofS IS roster and then ******* up the pay.
  9. Remember that there are also Staffies on the YofS and FofS courses.
  10. Got to admit with an earlier post, I don't see why an RD WO2 SSM can be considered better value for money than a WO2 Tech/Operator/IS Engineer. That said I don't believe they should be high band either.

    The answer would be surely to stick them all on low band, they (the RD) chose that route rather than challenging their technical/supervisory abilities.

    RSM, high band, of course. It is the pinnacle of the RD route, but it isn't fair for someone potentially involved in the delivery of multi-million pound highly technical contracts to be paid less than a boots and haircut machine of the same rank.
    go and sign for your "potentially mutil-million pound highly technincal kit" from, ( probable 1 of 10 he holds and the rest of the Regt's assets) the boots and haircut machine of the same rank,
  12. erm, Northern, not NORTERN.

    Sounds like an SQMS, didn't mention you guys, still, at least your response was reasoned and not a knee-jerk feisty reaction.

  13. If he is a muupet, then you are a bigger one.

    WOII in trade = Good
    SSM getting the same money as the FoS and Yos = Insane.
    WOII in trade getting less than the SSM = Just as idiotic.
  14. Northern appologies (sausage fingers)
    you will find that the SQMS,( which i am not) gets his kit from an RQ, unless i am very much mistaken,who happens to be an RD,