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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Blind_Pew, Feb 27, 2007.

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  1. My old PC is on its last legs (hard drive on the way out) do i go for a new pc or re jig the old one? the old one is more than 6 years old!
    So is it a new:-
    Desk top?
    Which brand do i go for?
    Do i go via ebay, PC World or what?

    Any help and advice would help :)
  2. another stupid quesiton.

    What are you going to use it for?

    chances are the power suppoly and form factor of your case may be old hat - so start again.

    whats imprtant?

    Space saving and portability Vs Kick arrse performance and the ability to upgrade

    alternativly - get a media centre PC and replace your DVD payer, VHS player and Stereo and replace it with a PC that looks like a Amp - goes under the TV and does all the above

    What do you want it for?

  3. Not a stupid Question as i didn't add the one!
    Gaming online!
    Music and Film downloading!

    Thats about it i think!
  4. Build it yourself, or get a mate to do so if you're too scared. It will be far cheaper, and you'll get a better comp out of it.
  5. Backlight, I used to agree with you, but profit margins are such now that I doubt you could do it much cheaper than something on the Net. What Building it yourself will do is allow you total choice of components and so may be better than a prebuild
  6. also try

    the list you gave is nothing sparkly - go for a laptop if space is an issue.

  7. I think Dell give 10% discount to members of HM Forces?
  8. the dell factory outlet is where Dell sells its cancelled orders...

    basically a company might order 200PCs - which are built to order - but with say 2 days before the delivery date the budget might get cut so the order reduced - Dell will sell the remaining PCs etc through the outlet - hence why the lead times are a lot faster than regular dell sales site....

    warranty is the same...

  9. I've had a Mesh for 4 years; it had a 3-year on-site warranty.

    At 2yrs & 11 months the LG DVD drive played up.

    LG never even replied to my e-mail(s).

    Mesh couldn't resolve the issue over the phone, so they promptly sent an engineer round to swap out the old LG drive for a new Sony drive. No quibble. The engineer arrived on the day they said he would, and, at the time predicted.

    Super service. Ther's been no other problem, at all.

    My next PC will be a Mesh.

    [But unfortunately not before Mr Bill Gates aligns his UK Vista price to the current £ / $ exchange rate of £1 = $2]
  10. Many thank for all the advice :)