New Pay scales?

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by insttech, Feb 14, 2006.

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  1. A few Tech Tiffies at Arborfield have recently recieved bumper pay (back pay) packets. The 'word on the street' is that the Tiffy Tech pay structure is/has changed. Anyone got a definitive answer as to whether the pay sclaes have changed, and who for?
  2. All linked to P2K Follow on Work (P2K FOW for short).

    The original policy for moving between pay ranges on the introduction of P2K was flawed, and so the rules were changed. The IT has just caught up and reassessed people that have moved from lower range(LR) to the higher range(HR). Example: A HR Sgt is promoted SSgt and moves to the LR receiving a 2% pay rise on promotion, and goes to SSgt LR level 5 (example only).

    On qualification as artificer he gains a new EQ which entitles him to HR pay, and he originally moved from LR level 5 to the HR on the first level which didn't result in a drop in pay (which could have been HR Levl 2 for arguments sake). The revised rules are called 'Level to Level' which means that he now moves from LR Level 5 straight onto HR level 5 - and this has been backdated to the rollout of P2k (Apr 01).

    Hope that helps!!
  3. A few questions open to anyone who knows:

    1. is this across all capbadges, i.e. REME, RE, Sigs, etc?

    2. is this formally documented anywhere so i can direct my 'non-military' pay-mnog towards it with out her having to do much work towards it herself?

    3. what about 'personnel who have been recieving 'advances of pay' until the situation is resolved' (excuse the double quotes but it's the best i can do). will they have the sums given so far deducted from the lump sum presumably owing to them or will this cause another administrative nightmare for pay 3000?

    any help is appreciated.


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