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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Letterwritingman, Feb 17, 2006.

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  1. Courtesy of the Telegraph

    Above-inflation 'reward' for Armed Forces
    By George Jones, Political Editor
    (Filed: 17/02/2006)

    The Armed Forces will receive an above-inflation pay award of at least three per cent to help recruitment and reward their service in Iraq, the Government announced yesterday.

    The award is higher than for other public sector groups. The lowest ranks of private and lance corporal and their equivalents in the Royal Navy and RAF will receive a 3.3 per cent rise. The current inflation rate is 1.9 per cent.

    John Reid, the Defence Secretary, said the award recognised the "particular sacrifices and dangers" that the forces had to face in addition to the need to ensure that recruitment and retention were maintained.

    Mr Reid said the pay increase was "thoroughly deserved" and recognised the Armed Forces' valuable work, whether on peace support operations in southern Iraq or on humanitarian missions in northern Pakistan.

    The rises were recommended by the independent Armed Forces' pay review body. Other additional rises include an increase in the rates of specialist pay. The review body said there were risks to recruitment and retention in the Services as a result of a tight labour market, the pressure of operations and excessive working hours.

    So that indicates how much our CILOCT and Rent will go up then...........

    Pay Reward, what a crock of shite, we live in tied housing we are required to be available 24/7 we are given a pay reward that as every serving/ex serving soldier knows is immediately taken away by a corresponding increase in rent or rates.
  2. SFA to go up between 4-14%
  3. But surely this happens every year and it's always been the same rate.
  4. i've been banking around the same sum for 4 yrs due to the comedy SFA inflation and measly pay rise, in reality, my pay has gone up about £70 in this time.

    Everybody is in the same boat... it will never change!
  5. Indeed it has and yes it does :twisted:
  6. Brown giveth, and Brown taketh away. :evil:
  7. Shall we taketh Brown away? FOR GOOD :-((
  8. As usual we get shafted once again come April with our pay, an absolute joke...unfortunatly we are unable to go on strike and demand up to 14% like the firemen otherwise it would be a different story again..someday they may realise why they cant keep people in and why those of us who are pension trapped cant wait to FU*COFF.. 8O
  9. & dental charges will go up :twisted:
  10. Shines couldn't agree more mate but you forget that we will no doubt we will be the firemen again aswell this year so it's buy one get one free at the MOD. How about 25,000 emergency call outs in the month of Apr + keep the boiler engineer another 7 hours longer in your kitchen than he needs to be. That'll eat up that SFA raise.
  11. Same old story every year. Inflation busting pay rise! Mint! Inflation busting food & accomodation charges... not so mint. Think the singlies are missing out again on this one
  12. This is nothing new. I remember in 1979 when the Armed Forces pay rise resulted in me being 10 pence a day worse off (10 pence was a lot when I was on £7-ish a day before deductions).

    Can someone stop that light swinging and get rid of that sandbag now please?
  13. Or make it go up 28% next year!
    What a crock this system is, are they trying to force us into nice property outside the wire? You can pay a bit more and actually be on the route to owning a gaff!
  14. Cakewelltart mate i could"nt agree more bud..i remember a few years ago being stuck down Salisbury cos those lazy money grabbing ******* couldnt survive on their two jobs and 14hrs a week..although FU*K knows what they used to get up to as in all the time we were there(which i had to give up a planned holiday and leave for)as we only had two shouts...Got a good idea, lets start a poll to see if we should all go on strike to see if we can for once and get a decent payrise...OOOPS forgot we can"t can we cos no FU*KER gives a toss about us and we aint allowed, although we are allowed to go on tour 6 times in 5 years even though your meant to have an 18 month break in between tours/what happens if you complain..? there you go son take a shite CR..i could go on and on lets just bend down once again and get bum fu*ked up the ARRIS as usual...
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