New pattern windproof smock

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Bolo-Driller, Oct 6, 2009.

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  1. Hi guys

    Has anyone used one of the new fangled windproof smocks with the vents in the arms and fleece pockets?

    Im not leaving the TA now so fancy treating myself to some new kit and saw a nearly new one on ebay for £50 so wanted to get some idea of what its like before buying it.

    Cheers all.
  2. I have one and its very good, especially for £50! Only downside is that they weigh a bloody ton!

    Buy it! You can never have too much kit and remember.............

    Allyness saves lives!
  3. Fleece pockets?

    That will just encourage blokes to put their hands in them!

    Then they get told off. :)
  4. One problem with them is that the bottom of the pockets is mesh, presumably to allow water etc to drain out. Small things get caught in the mesh or can fall through.
  5. They are good smocks but as previously mentioned weigh a fair bit especially when wet!!

    Can't beat a good old school windproof smock, light as heck even when wet and quick drying.

    But for 50 quid you cant wrong to have it as a spare smock or for the colder months
  6. Kit kit kit... Sounds Ally... even if i have to carry around the extra weight. Just adds to the evidence that your NAILS :D
    Is it a issue item of clothing, or made externally ?
  7. It is all about the Alleyness! Issued I believe. A mate had one and said the fleece pockets were the tiits so may well hand over the readies!
  8. linky?
  9. yer, its not too bad mate. well worth a go
  10. I got one for free (they are on issue).

    They are warm in the winter, even in just a t-shirt or norgy, and cool in the summer (esp when the side vents are opend up.

    The fleece pockets are good too...

    The Mk 2 also has matching Combat Jacket Lightweight (referred to by those of small intellect as a "Shirt") with mesh pockets and compass pocket and trousers, with mesh pockets and a bit of extra hardening on the knees.

    IIRC, these designs (Mk 2) will be used for PECOC, due for initial issue in April 2010.
  11. Not on the New Clothing Solution, yet :( Mind you, so little is on there ...
  12. It is the same mesh used in webbing and assault vests.

    What exactly are you losing out of you pockets?

    Snagging, yes. Losing?
  13. Having just quickly viewed the mesh.... the only things getting out of the pocket would be smaller in diameter than 2mm.

    The only problem i have had is with pencil or pen ends sticking through the mesh as it used as the backing to the zip pockets, and for the pen pockets.
  14. So are we saying that the mesh at the bottom of the pockets may snag say, a combi tool, but wont allow it to fall out?
  15. daywalker

    daywalker LE Reviewer

    These smocks are were not actually designed as an everyday use smock, they were designed for Hereford to be used on mobo ops hence fleece pockets and heavy weight etc. I don't think they envisaged people doing section attacks in them. Personally i would stick to a normal windproof smock if it were me.