New Password........Mission Impossible

Having not used this website for sometime, this mainly due to being overwhelmingly happy in my job! I returned to find I'd been locked out! The bloody shame of your not coming in Littlejonny wrong password.
Im sure you regulars have been there! Anyway to get to my point I went through the rigmorall of obtaining my new password, what a fiasco that is! why are the passwords so bloody intricate that they resemble a physics lesson? If I was any good at Algebra in school I wouldnt stink of fuel for a living :lol:
Why do we really need a confirmation code too prior to the release of the code (password) to Narnia?

School wasnt this hard........

Anyway its been awhile good to be back F**kers!

Whinge ends

Thanks very much airtight!

Oh no sorry thats your mothers name do apologise :twisted:
Of course, you could always change your password to something more
re-memorable(if there is such a word!)


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This seems to be the right Forum for such a dullard post - it seems to be endemic for fan-drivers (not Fan Dancers).

Having forgotten a password, and I have done when I upgraded my PC and, having been permanently identified had not had to use my password for months, I applied for a new one. It duly arrived very quickly and all I had to do was open the e-mail at the same time as ARRSE and cut-n-paste the password over (no need for brain cells, never mind skool edumacashun - although it probably took a brain cell or 3 to work out the best way to do this highly intricate and technical way of doing things). Once in - all I needed to do was change the passowrd to one easily remembered (although I don't know if all light blue berets will be allowed to use 'Mummy' as a password).

Time now is 20:54 - how long before Flash Tart comes on with an enraged response or a Pm bubbling at the edges?

8O 8O 8O 8O

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