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Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by noliveroundsemptycasespr, Apr 3, 2008.

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  1. As an ex squaddy living in Das Vaterland,i need now and again(10 years),a new passport.Imagine my horror as i enquired via internet about a renewal. My passport will cost 170 Euros,that's about 130 quid!!Why?? I have as a British civilian , no id card anymore and so must pay this exorbitant price, i am disgusted!! As a comparison my last passport 10years ago costed about 70 marks(35 euros).Please spare any stupid remarks such as move back to GB etc,i have served my time too!! I just think this is gravely wrong ,and i can do nothing about it, or (shudder) i must become a boxhead!! :evil: :evil: :cry: :x
  2. Come on someone please answer. :D
  3. I filled out the Passport application form online: ( and got the form sent to my parents home address, which they forwarded to me in Germany. I then signed it and sent it back to them with a passport photo. It costs 70 quid to do it this way. You dont need to get the application counter signed for a Passport renewal.

    German Nationallity will cost you 250 euros plus the cost of changing all your documents (Driving licence etc.)
  4. Just read this on the UK passport agency webpage:

    Who needs to sign it?
    Usually only you need to sign if you are applying to renew your passport.

    But, if your appearance has changed so much that it would be difficult to recognise you from the photo in your current or last passport, you will need to get your form countersigned
  5. Cheers johnolg great tip thanks a lot!! :D
  6. Obviously i'd have to give my parents adress as mine could get tricky? :roll: 8O
  7. I used my parents address, the joys of Englands lack of "Melde Pflicht" :D
  8. Parliament sets the tariffs for all Consular services the income from which is used to cover the costs of bailing out drunken stag revellers abroad and assisting Brits worldwide. I would imagine the aftermath of the tsunami and New Orleans made a big dent in the coffers. I'd say write to your MP but maybe you no longer have one!