New Paramilitary Force?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Werewolf, Jul 20, 2008.

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  1. Yes. Where do I sign up?

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  2. No. The Chavs, dealers etc just need to be loved...

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  1. I raised this idea in the "They really are becoming animals" Thread, and it seemed popular with some ARRSEr's. So I thought I set up a Poll.

    This is NOT a plod-bashing Thread. I simply believe that the point has beeen reached where the police, at the very least, need "reinforcements".

    Drastic times require drastic measures.
  2. Fcuking good idea. Better than ANY alternative I've heard from a politician so far.
  3. Only 6 votes so far but what a surprise 100% in favour
  4. To be fair you haven't really given enough options as to other methods, you've just put an all or nothing vote, which isn't going to get a very fair answer.

    I happen to agree with the paramilitary idea, however I am sure there are people who have other suggestions that are a bit less extreme on either ends of the scale.
  5. No
    We don't need a paramilitary Police Force of any description.
    We just need effective Policing free from political interference, just like we had once upon a time.
    It really is that simple, a return to the type of Policing that used to keep most places in a reasonably peacable state. Old fashioned, well balanced and fair Policing.
  6. The problem is it's going to take a generation to dismantle the red tape, change the institutional mindset of the police and judiciary and instill respect for the common-or-garden bobby again. We can't maintain the status quo that long without something exploding.

    Get us some gendarmerie. Half a dozen FAMAS' on a street corner fecking makes me behave myself...
  7. It won't take a generation.
    It would just take a simple overhaul and removal of the vast majority of new laws that Brown and Blair have inundated the country with.
    That and a retraining program for the Police, possibly done by last generation/retired Police Officers that are unencumbered by the bollox that has sprung up in the last 11 or 12 years.

    Simple fact is we are overburdened with legislation that is both un-necessary and innapropriate.
  8. Like any soldier, the last thing I want is a fair fight! :twisted:

    I admit that I did'nt give too much in the way of options in this Poll. But that's mainly because I'm sick to the back teeth of bullsh1t, empty promises and moral cowerdice from our so-called leaders. Frankly, I'm mad as Hell and I'm not gonna take it anymore. I don't want talk, I want action - NOW, not in the future. :evil:
  9. Re-training still takes time; according to one CO19 instructor, it would take 5 years to train all front-line coppers to basic AFO standards. And only if you froze recruitment for those 5 years.

    It would not be easy to change the mindset of the present day police. And even after you have doen so, you still have earn the fear/respect of the violent scum minority.

    Better to set up a whole new Force that can hit the ground running, IMHO.
  10. I used my own little paramilitary force when the Police were ineffectual in dealing with my problem neighbours and refused to intervene. They soon intervened when we kicked the door down though and my little force ended up arrested!
    I'm all for it and it's the only thing that mongs understand - a good kicking.
  11. Paramilitary police force under control of defence ministry?

    Sounds alot like the French Gendarmes....

    police become localised and part of local authorities, basically jumped up traffic wardens.

    Gendarmes work in france, because although they have a lot of power, they are intelligent in their discretionary use of these.

    In UK, would it work? nor so sure- we don't have the napoleonic code approach to our legal system (i.e. you can't do anything until it is authorised)

    What is worth thinking about, is that if this poll was phrased as "UK to conform to continental/EU standard policing", the results might be completely opposite.......
  12. Of course, as an afterthought, bringing the chavmongscum to heel requires more than a police force, regardless of how scary they are.

    Without the prison space and the legal support to allow them to operate effectively, it's all likely to be pissing in the wind.
  13. Surely we could just find an abandoned island somewhere and just dump them and leave them to fend for themselves.

    If people don't want to end up there then thye shouldn't act like *****.
  14. 1. remove the political control of the police that labour brought in.
    2. define certain units within the police for 'riot control'.
    3. have a couple of 'brave' plods arresting chavs. (with <2> in unmarked vans nearby.)
    4. when chavs kick-off, give them a bit of 'tough love'.

    rinse and repeat.

    you wouldn't have to do it often for them to get the message.

    edited to add. the good side of it is, you don't even need to arrest the chavs. cheap and effective.