New Para blocks Finished Yet?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by SparkyG, Jan 21, 2009.

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  1. When i was at catterick we used blocks in vimmy, anyone know if they have finished building the new blocks yet in helles?
    I heard that they are 'single living' is that your own room!? Surely not!
  2. Cmon someone must know something...
  3. all new para platoons from now on will be in the new accom. can't comment on room sizes tho...
  4. I have a mate in 3PARA who recently moved into his own room, so yeah, I think some of them do have their own rooms.
  5. He means the accommodation at Catterick, not Colchester.
  6. Awesome thanks bud :)
  7. The joes will star moving into the new blocks as off next week and they are 12 man rooms
  8. when i was there they looked to be similiar design to the ones that queens div,kings div and welsh were staying in, so it would be 12 man