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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by dropshortRE, Jul 16, 2007.

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  1. I've just recently completed my RMQ 1-3 course. While we where on the course the new Pam 21 was issued. I've been trying, without any luck so far, to find an electronic copy that I can use, at home, for planning purposes, writing RASP's etc.

    Would anyone happen to have an electronic copy they could email me? Much appreciated.
  2. I take that's a no then?
  3. I'd be surprise if you can get hold of one or even if its in electronic format foe release.

    If your writing RASPs for a Range then you are perfectly entitled to go to the range box an borrow with permission the pam 21 and AOSP out of that, write the RASP and then put it back. (Ensure it goes back because if its not in there when your on the range then standy by for a world of hurt if things go wrong)

    Or use the RASP you wrote on the course, change the dates and info as required.
  4. Find an AGC clerk/typist type person, buy them a bottle and ask them to type it out for you.

    Have you tried the MOD Intranet, they have most forms and publications to download via DII or DII(F) computer access. Hope that helps, probably not but at least I tried
  5. Thanks for the suggestions.

    Last time I was in I had a look on the intranet, it isnt there yet.
    The problem with getting it out of the range box is I'm TA, in a specialist unit.

    I'll probably end up using my course RASP, suitably 'tweeked'.

  6. So? Your unit should still have one (a range box and a set of Pam). If not inform the skilly or PSI to get you one. Saying I'm TA is no excuse these days...
  7. Try the MOD intranet/Army/Doctrine/Infantry its in there as a pdf.
  8. Ditto the last.

    If you're writing the RASP and then running the range then you are legally bound to ensure that you have read all the required Pams.

    At the end of the day if it goes tits up and if your name is on the RASP then you're held responsible.

    I'm sure it was explained to you how important the RASP is and that in the event of an accident its the first thing the SASC ask for, its also the document that will be shown god forbid you end up in court.
  9. Tried that - they emailed me a copy of the 2001 Pam - while not useless, it isnt current.
    I agree that being TA isnt an excuse, its a reason why I cant get in to take 1 out of the range box - dont think a mileage claim of 500 miles to get a pam would go down well.
  10. I looked there the last time I was in, it hadnt been put on then.
    Any chance you could download it and email it to me?
  11. Type the f****g hard copy out!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its what 12 pages long? Whilst I realise you should not have too, its hardly Lord of the Rings. Problem solved, initiative A+ etc etc. CR = A. Promotion guarenteed, no DCM or Crown Court. 'Bobs your Uncle or Roberts your Mothers Brother.' No more strings on ARRSE - send it to your friends............ etc.

    Sorry if this seemed patronising... been there, seen it, resolved it.
  12. I'd love to, but if you'd actually come across the Pam, you'd understand it isnt only about 12 pages long
  13. Re-type a PAM? You cannot be serious.
  14. Last time i looked Pam 21 was about 6+Mb, feck typing that one out.
  15. :? No 'in date' PAM 21 = ginger suit/left, right, left if there is an accident/incident. Your unit have a legal obligation to provide in date publications (TA or not). It should NOT be down to you to scour the earth for one. Simple answer, don't run the range until the PSI/PSAO comes up with the goods :!: