New 'Outrage' doing the rounds.

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by tuffy52, Jan 22, 2013.

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  1. A new outrage,fire up the bus.

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  2. That picture has been going around for at least two years, it's rubbish
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  3. *ahem*

    Protest Message - Prison Sentence for Spray Painting Poppy on Mosque

    i find it best to remember this when thinking about the extremes of the left, right and religion -

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  4. It's not very nice to deface a place of worship, even if you don't go in for religion. Doing so because a couple of members of that religion have annoyed you is the act of a cretin.

    Posted using the Power of Cheese.
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  5. CanteenCowboy

    CanteenCowboy LE Book Reviewer

    Is the picture of the vandalised Mosque real? As to my eyes the poppy is a bit 'photoshopped' and looks like it was done with crayons. If it is real, then the two retards responsible should have been given twelve lashes for such a piss poor piece of 'street art.
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  6. I am outraged.

    The leaf on that poppy is at the wrong angle, and is an insult to everyone still alive who fought in WWI.
  7. I am outraged that people are outraged at this outrage. I am also outraged that I can't find the work ticket as some fucker hasn't put it back in the slot. Outrageous, where the fuck is my spray can?
  8. I'm outraged that you can't find your spray can and even more outraged at your outrage, in fact, I reckon I'm more outraged than you are outraged at my outrageous outrage........aaarrggh my heart!!! Nurse nurse! where's me meds?
  9. Is the new elite out yet?
  10. I'm outraged that people would abuse the Poppy symbol to try and make a cheap political point.

    Is that what you meant?

  11. Yeah, because it made perfect sense for a bunch of mouth breathers to target a Mosque who's Imam is quite a nice man and actively argues for tolerance and harmony.
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  12. The problem with being constantly outraged with the muslamic death ray merchants, is that many traditional British values and traditions may be lost in the process.

    Ask yourself these simple questions:

    1. When did you last bellow loud choleric commands at a hapless Frenchman, or insist that he conjugate the English irregular verb "To fuck off?"

    2. When did you last sharpen a stick solely for the purpose of prodding a Swiss tourist with it?

    3. When did you last have a shit in a church font?

    4. When did you last hide a rotten chubb under a pew?

    5. When did you last catch moles solely to release them on a damp wicket?

    You get the picture, the entire fabric of British life is going to ratshit because of Ali Baba's forty thousand fuckwits!
  13. Nope, but plenty of dev diary's and other stuff on the site. Release date currently sometime in March.
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  14. Homophobic 'vigilante' video appears online
    East London Mosque has condemned a group of men claiming to be "vigilantes implementing Islam" A video has appeared online showing men shouting homophobic abuse at another man in east London, telling him to "get out of here" as "it is a Muslim area".

    BBC News - Homophobic 'vigilante' video appears online