New Orleans crime calls for military presence


National Guard troops and state police will patrol the city through December, Gov. Kathleen Blanco said Saturday at a summit of law enforcement officials and crime experts called to address a spate of killings marring the recovery from Hurricane Katrina.

"Crime has no role in recovery," Blanco said. "It limits our ability to recover."

Police are on pace to recover as many illegal firearms this year as they did in the two previous years -- even though half as many people live in the city now, said Robert Browning, an agent with the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

But in a positive sign, court and prison repairs should be done next month, an official said, which means the city's crippled criminal justice system will be able to process its influx of suspects more efficiently.

The summit opened hours after an early morning killing brought the city's homicide count for the year to 100.
Dogface said:
Both Blanco and Nagin are idiots.
Unlike Bush and that incompetent close friend (Michael Brown) he had installed at FEMA, who dealt so swiftly and well with the situation there.
Pompey Jock, the President cannot BY LAW send in federal force unless:
A) he is invited to do so by the governor
B) special emergency laws are passed.

There is a expectation in the US that the governor will do the former - primary response to the many natural disasters which occur in the US is the responsibility of the individual states, not the federal government.
Is the New Orleans Police Department back at pre-Katrina strength yet? Are the Louisiana National Guard making up the shortfall in police numbers or are the Guardsmen in addition to a fully manned police dept? Is the Louisiana National Guard still rotating units into Iraq or are they all being retained in the state?
Louisiana law states that Guardsmen on State Active Duty, to include those from other states currently assigned to Louisiana are categorised as law enforcement officers, with all rights, powers and responsibilities therewith.

Invicta said:
Is the New Orleans Police Department back at pre-Katrina strength yet?
...did any return to duty? :p

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