Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Spunk_Dump, Oct 16, 2006.

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  1. News Flash.
    Due to number of people leaving, transfering, and not turning up, a decision has been made to make 64 Sqn of 38 Sig Regt, in to a troop, and the Sqn HQ relocating down to the troop in Nottingham, as there is better manning down there, with attendance at 88%.
    64 Sqn is to lose the new REEBOK troop, 1 CST Det, Suport Troop, and the MT Deparment, whilst keeping 1 remaining CST.
    People who have jobs at the moment, within the current ORBAT, will be offered the chance to move with the relocation.
    More info on this to come soon.
  2. wato/polar/big yellow digger

    Your about two years behind on that rumour.

    64 is relocating one troop to Leeds or York area to provide a DII(ID)R support troop on this kit Vados Systems
  3. Yeah its a winner. Its news to me this. Ill have to ask some people in the know. Polar, any ideas on this 1?
  4. Bearing in mind I'm not polar but polar69........

    hmmmm sounds interesting, whereabouts in the york area though ? and would it be a specialised type set up
  5. Yep, don't respond to obvious untrue baiting, I'd guess someone in 97 sig sqn has finally managed to get onto the internet............

    As for Vados, someone posted some stuff about it last week and is to be run by Sigs@Blandford, with operators coming from other corps e.g. RLC. Anyway it'd take ages for TA to learn how to use modern Voice/Data Satellite links wouldn't it.
  6. Polar, so theres no truth in that rumour then??. U know im missing from the loop, my spyies havnt said owt, so im missing from all the gossip.
  7. I'm pretty certain I would have heard the rumour by now.

    Its clearly written by someone outside of 64 (or hasn't been in for several months). The terminology is old, nobdy refers to Sheffield as 64 Sqn (their is no such thing as 64 Sqn, maybe its related to 49 Para?)
  8. Sounds like some one's trying to kick up a stink!

    I've also not heard anything and why would they give the new SSGT (PSI) IS ENG a house up in Barnsley if they were relocating Reebok down South?

    And the new Reebok troop! There's no Reebok troop, it's just been attached to 64 Sig Sqn and sits at SHEFFIELD STATION but NOTTINGHAM STATION still provide some of the staff to run it!

    Also Reebok Troop, CST det, MT! It's either Comms Troop or Support Troop and nothing else!

    Doesn't add up to me!
  9. probably just penIS envy
  10. Ah, terrible thing. Envy!
  11. First of All Ragnar you seem to know who i am but aint got a clue who you are.

    Secondly not my post as you know from my nickname on here & my nickname in the TA "Watto" i dont hide so wouldnt use the other name to hide behind to be honest.

    does seem a weird post to tell you the truth but i have heard all sorts of rumours that i am not going to say on here until i have spoke to the higher echolons in the Sqaudron.

    your right does seem to be somebody outside the loop or someone just sh*t stering

    could be somebody from derby you know just winding us all up

  12. Anyway, a lot of interest in us was generated this weekend, helped by 4 Yorks setting up a clansman stand next to us (the desert cam does make us look a little 'geek sigs' sexy).

    spunk_dump, please tell more.
  13. UPDATE:
    46 Sqn to made into a Falcon Sqn, which will be made an independant Sqn supporting the regs.

    I hear things are going well at 64. People not turning up, cant be arsed etc etc.

    Cpl H: You've stopped my days, so i cant be arsed cumming in.
    Cpl H: Gets HGV, then fucks off and gets proper job driving.
    Cpl M: Works away, never in the UK
    Lcpl U: Gets driving licence back, and starts a new job
    Sig S: Where the training for my trade, i.e slop jocky.

    I also hear that the new Lcpl AKA Minnie Hitler is now doing Recruit Training.

    Are you still doing the leaflet drop, down town on a Saturday nite?

    P.S Info on 97 Coming soon
  14. 97 info as promised.

    Lt C has been moved back to the UK.
    Lcpl C from 93 Sqn has been moved down to Kos, to look after the stores.
    Funny that, shes an Operator, not a store man. She must have fallen out with the other half, or been caught shagging in a sgts room.

    The things you learn.
  15. And there was no sign of Cpl N telling war stories, and playing gbb?