New or VGC RTR Stable belt wanted, urgently please!

Discussion in 'RAC' started by banjotrooper, Apr 22, 2006.

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  1. Any current or ex RTR lads out there, can you please help me out, I would be most grateful! My son is at ATR Pirbright and is badged 2 RTR. He has his drill test comeing up and requires a stable belt. The PRI there has run out and I have tried everywhere! T31B says he will lend him his, but if he could buy his own, that would improve the situation! :wink:
  2. The Tank Museum shop at Bovington has an RTR section which sells stable belts.

    Contacting The Shop

    Telephone: 01929 405141

    Fax:01929 405360



    Tank Museum Trading Co. Ltd.
    The Tank Museum.
    Bovington, Dorset.
    BH20 6JG
  3. Cheers aghart! Will follow up and let you know! :D
  4. Aghart, have just rang, but they are sold out! Ex tankie has just come forward to help also! Cheers lads, Fear Naught!
  5. Sorry, all RTR stable belts are stained with mud, blood and grass!