New Opportunity for Unemployed Vets

Two of my sons are directors of a Health and Safety consultancy, one being an ex-Bootie. Two other directors are ex-Greenjackets/Rifles. They've just teamed up with a major recruiting company and a local Veterans agency and are offering free H&S training, which is included in a 'back to work' package for unemployed veterans. They also provide courses as part of resettlement.

Initially, these free courses/packages are being offered in Liverpool, with the intent to go national in the future.

Not sure about advertising or spam rules here, so I won't post the name of the Consultancy at the moment.

However, if anyone is interested in this scheme in any way, please feel free to PM me.
Surely there's no shortage of employment for people who like sticking their arm up a cow's arse?
I think generally they are referred to as "the accused"

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