New opportunity - Electrical test equipment repair engineer

£18K PA (£22K OTE)

West Midlands

A great opportunity has arisen for an Electrical test equipment repair engineer based in the West Midlands. This company has experienced considerable growth over the last two decades and a number of its staff and directors have come from an Armed Forces background.

For more information please follow the following link...Electrical test equipment repair engineer - DH_060511_Q
This role has been filled today, ex-REME LCpl from the West Mids, starts the 31st May! (Was actually offered £20K PA with an OTE of £24K) He applied on the 14th, interviewed on the 17th and start date confirmed today!
Will do my best to update on all positions I post here.
Purely out of interest, age and trade-group of the successful candidate ???
Job cannot be that technically demanding if a Class 3 is satisfactory. Presuming Class 3 because LCpl Tech Trade. If he was a Class 2 or Class 1 in a tech trade, why did he leave as a Lance-jack?

And no I am not looking to snurgle into that slot. I am earning double what he accepted.
And you don´t work UP to SMD, you work DOWN to them, as they are the smallest component on the circuit board. If you can avoid it you dont go near the SMD components. One inadvertent slip of a test-probe and you can short pins of an IC and blow it. Screw up while replacing the chip and the board is scrap. And when you start investigating at that level, it is going to cost time which equals money. You don´t spend 500 pound in time repairing a module that costs 300 pounds to replace, including cost of new module.
The guy has been out of the Forces for 5 years, had spent 3 1/2 years with a firm that went bust in the recession and has been seeking employment since. He didn't have the opportunity to move around looking for work as he has a young family (A daughter with special needs).

No the job may not be technically demanding, hence the salary, but it is a stepping stone back into employment after a year 1/2.
And no I am not looking to snurgle into that slot. I am earning double what he accepted.
So what sunshine - whatever you earn there will always be someone earning twice as much as you - what is good to see is that military and ex military are being given the job opportunities from companies that recognise their worth, be they Lcpls or Colonels. People Like Gemini should be applauded for their efforts - not castigated nor belittled by someone trying to use technical jargon to prove he knows more.

ps. for Info - I know more than you, I earn more than twice as much as you - but who gives a damm I dont!! I am just glad to see someone with a young family, who has been unemployed and having to rely on state help - now back into work and taking his rightful place again as a usefull member of society
My point was that the job-description was totally innaccurate.
SMD is Surface Mounted Devices.
You want some-one able to diagnose down to that level, then he needs to have a bit more knowledge/experience than a Class 3/2 and the pay should be a lot higher than what was offered.
If the person can do the job then all kudos to him however the job description was/is complete shite or the successful candidate has sold himself extremely short and should be badgering the management for a very substantial payrise.

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