new operator trade, whos got the info?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by the_lazy_H, May 20, 2006.

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  1. due to awesome pace of the it/comms world the fantastic heroic lads in the royal corps (and thier trades) are changing too.

    ICS op is an amalgamation of all the operators, AS RS and spec ops rolled into one. thats about as far as i know....

    as a rumour service i thought this would be the best place to start spinning yarns.

    fill your boots.
  2. whos this lazy H twat and what does he know about armour, hes too busy sat in a commcen pushing a pen around a desk and filing signals for some geeky staff officers.

    he really should get out more and look at the world from an armoured warriors perspective
  3. Cos us 'armoured' lot are so hard driving our 16 ton 50 year old vehicles around aren't we?
  4. Yep its true, introduced (experimented with) in TA last year
  5. i feel big and clever especially driving around hameln, if only i had 1B1T when we went near that school.
  6. rumour has it that these new operators will have widescreen tvs and projectors as part of the course syllabus, due to the ever increasing amount of time spent setting it up! :D
  7. on a serious note, what will actually happen to the AS and RS trades? if its to be one super trade then new training will need to be delivered.

    when is this due to start.
  8. The new ICS op when it comes into being will take in a main module which will be based around Bowman, and you will then get Ad ons, so for example if you were posted to 2 or 30 Sigs you would do a Cormorant module, and if you go to 7 would do Ptarmigan, and eventually when it arrives Falcon. As to what happens to the existing trades you will stay as you are and move around the Corps without the need to do any more ad ons so to speak. However this could change if they decide to drag every one back to do Bowman training, but due to the cost incurred I can see Field training units being set up to fill this training gap to reduce the cost incurred on Blandford.
  9. No i don't know much about it, sorry I can't be of much assistance.
  10. Time Bandit is quite correct with his version of the new trade group, you will stay within your current employment and when posted if it is required there will be 'add ons', this means that i as a relay op will still be on ptarmigan, a rad op will still be on radios etc, essentially its all a load of old bollox!!
  11. As far as the rumours go as i've heard everyone will join as a basic trade then get posted to any unit, after the basic 3 years you can then Specialise i.e. become a spec op.
  12. Who the fück wants to be a gay spec op? war_torn_armoured_guru is exactly right, these commcen gits need to get out on a piece of armour and invade France, steal all the booze, and bring it back for the real soldiers, or maybe not